Kuchi in B’lore

06.08.2005 in BackTrace

Update: Whenever you encounter the word *Kuchi*, read it as *Krishnakanth*. Ok. Now read the title again.

Kuchi Krish was in B’lore during the begining of July. Nags accompanied him to The Forum. Myself and Gans started from office to meet him. Kattai came directly. Thangam and SKK later joined us. Gokul couldn’t as he had to train somebody in some important skill.

For all those who are unaware, Kuchi had completed his MS from Michigan Univ. Now he is working in Caltech Brain Imaging Center. His job is in developing software tools to aid researches involving various brains. Presently he is dealing with Rat Brains. Told me that he is using wxPython to plot some stuff. The job scene in US has improved and one may get one if tried hard.

He feels B’lore is becoming cosmopolitan and getting more and more polluted. He wished if he had to come back to India, he would prefer settling in Blore. Why didn’t he think about Coimbatore? Kuchi is the same Kuchi 3 years before. May be he utters Caltech as Kaltech. But I didn’t perceive any kind of nasal speech.

I was damn hungry that day missing the evening snacks. I compelled everbody for some eatables. mcDonalds was nearby, I insited to go in. This guy Kuchi was in particular fedup with Bread based foods and wants to have BusyBelaBath. No hotel in Blore will serve that delicacy (I don’t think so) in the evenings or for the dinner. Having no other options and owing to my ever increasing hunger, we went in. I savoured as much as I can. Kuchi on having the Burgers commented that those were spiced in the Indian way.

I had bought a Thiruvasagam CD from LandMark. Nags too got one. You all have to listen to it. It gives me immense calm and peace.

For the dinner, we went to Krishna Cafe - a TamilNadu style restaurant. Kuchi sponsored the food. I thought he’ll hog but skimmed the Masala Dosai and Vareity Rice. He finally ended with a Coffee. A few photos are available here.

A guy travelling so many miles to meet us - ho Kuchi, you are a Thanga Kuchi.