18.10.2007 in FunFrolic


An array of questions to trigger a chain of thoughts:
- What if the Honeymoon is for real, just like our *ordinary* moon? How will it look like? Will it have honey deposits? Being sticky, will it have enormous gravity pull? Would honeybees be the 1st to land before the mankind can think of? How would it be to close a deal with the bees to import honey? How will the bees proclaim its support? Will it sting or buzz?
- Why is that thing be called a Honeymoon? And not as a Sugaryneptune or may be a Saltysaturn or atleast as a Spicypluto? - What does it gotto to do with honey? Something to do with flowers? Some bees & birds? Humming birds? Oh! Hum?
- Whats with a moon? Something after nightfall? Dull lights? Sleep? Or Dreams? Or about celestial/heavenly bodies? - Why is that you always travel for a Honeymoon? To stay away from the past, present & the future? Or because the so called Honeymoon is not omnipresent like our Sun, moon & the stars. Is it secluded? Is it covered by the rain clouds? - Does it have phases like Newhoneymoon & Fullhoneymoon? What will they look like? Will it influence our seas? Will the waves be harsh? Will the lives be lit bright?

This is enough for today. You think about it & laugh at your findings. And more importantly, keep your comments to yourself. :)
Update #0**: Hahaha! I get yet another thought! Will the shape of the honeymoon be like that of the heart up above?

Image Courtesy: StockExpert