Hii iPhone

10.01.2007 in GizmoNoise

(Note: This pic is proprietary & a property of Apple Inc. Reproduced here with no permissions sought.)

The long awaited iPhone is out. With this launch, Apple competes its own iPod product line, that is already selling like hotcakes. A few noteworthy mentions:
- Well! It suprises anybody on its first look. This phone has no buttons. Even the hold button is a soft key! The phone renders all its keys on a touch-sensitive display. Mind you, there’s no stylus. - Its the 1st time OSX is being ported to a handheld device. Being OSX, all the goodies (safari, widgets, clean looks …) of it, comes to the phone also. - Sensors are aplenty. There is a gyro sensor, to determine the orientation of the device. A proximity sensor, to detect & switch off the display, when the phone goes near to the ear. A light sensor, to gauge the ambient light intensity & thereby increase the intensity backlit of the LCD. - The touch screen is multi-touch sensitive. There is a lot of research & inventions happenning in this tech. Very commendable achievement. - Has WiFi. Just to address the Zune’s upperhand. - PortalPlayer (now part of nVidia), the same guys who did the SoC for iPod, is doing it again for this device.

Not so worthy factors:
- There’s something wrong in the aspect-ratio of this phone. I donno what! - There’s no CDMA version. Still working on the licensing terms? - 4Gb is 499 USD. Isn’t it pricey?

More are pics here.

[iphone.JPG]: http://thrattle.wordpress.com/files/2007/01/iphone.JPG “iphone.JPG”