Grooms grooved

10.04.2005 in BackTrace

A cousin of my friend had come down from the States. He is in his wedding age & is desperate to get married.. Being a Brahmin by birth & not wanting to find a broker, he registered himself in a Brahmin sangham. One fine day, they had arranged for a customary meet-up of the bride-groom families. The girl & the guy were allowed to meet in a seperate room.

After a few conversations, the bride questions, “Ok fine. What will you do with your old property?” This guy, “Hmm. Well, I’m in US earning good money. And these were from my ancestor’s, have no plans of selling them. I’ll have it with myself.” This female, “No No xxxxx. I think you weren’t quite familiar with these terms. I meant your parents.” This guy couldn’t swallow what she meant and went mute out of shock. The girl continues, “We’ll call the blood brother/sister & other inborns as furnitures.” She smiles. FYI, the girl is working in a Software concern.

The prevailing situation in the bride fair is that the expectations are too high and there are such werid demands. The good chicks are either booked already or asking for more. The Software girls here want their fiances to get atleast 50-70k every month. This makes only Project Managers and a few Project leaders eligible. No place for Software Engineers? Also seems that grooms with Bachelor degrees have to stay as Bachelors. The Masters have better prospects. A few people have already registered (including me) for a MBA programme with IGNOU. The females are still trying to keep-up the proportions in age, height, edu-qualification and salaries. Is there something which I missed out?

I have ample time to decide.