Got a Dog Bite?

19.04.2007 in WriteThings

I’m writing this accounting the recent Dog Menace in Hyderabad. I read about:
- Dogs biting girls in a womens college & making the exams to be postponed. - A pack of dogs mauling a baby & succumbing to death. - A dog going in a biting spree & getting killed eventually.

So here we go! Things to do after a DogBite:
- Wash the wounded area with toilet soap. Wash it about 6 to 8 times. Use ample water & clean with your hand. - Take an energy drink such as a FruitJuice & prepare yourself for a vaccine dose. - Look for the dog & find out if it is stray or domestic. - Consult a general physician immediately.

Having myself experienced a DogBite, I feel all non-domesticated dogs are to be culled. We shall conserve them when the so called stray-dogs go extinct, until then, just keep killing them.

A few months ago, a female dog in our street gave birth to about 6 puppies. Out of which one came into our parking lot & died out of hunger. No one could adopt it because, the puppy lost all of its hair & the skin went scaly. Some skin disease, I guess. Its just a painful death.

This event can be applied for almost 50% of the stray-puppies that are born. Why allow to germinate first & then see it die? Sterilization can be effective in bringing down such incidences but there’ll be a long trailing tail. Hunt them. Jail them. Poison them. Have no mercy.

This season is summer & unlike winters & we’ll have dogs awake & wandering all thro’ the night. So take care.