Girlfriend in Question

18.12.2006 in FunFrolic

You & me met the other day. You spoke a lot abt ur GF & this is the conversation we had:
> What if my GF wants me to commit myself before even I could get a > glimpse of her?

Its just like accepting God, before you realize him.
> What if my GF wants me to appreciate her beauty?

Consider that her waist is not more than an extra 10” & her skin is not ultra-pitch-black.
> What if my GF wants me to listen diligently, everytime she wisphers > over phone?

Blame only the Telecom provider when you could hear hardly anything.
> What if my GF wants me to send an SMS saying “GoodNight!” for every > night that falls? Also, there’ll be a question when the accompanying > sentence, “Sleep well” goes missing!

Reply her with “Sweet Dreams!”
> What if my GF wants me to tell that “I love her” after every meal?

Even if you are fasting for a day, do your duty!
> What if my GF wants me to go undisturbed, whenever a voluptuous lady > passby?

Tell her that your only intention is to see her cross the road with no hassles, as she is blind!
> What if my GF wants me to stay calm, whenever she turns weird?

You may want to assume that she is in the middle of her sleep & some wild witch is playing her dreams.
> What if my GF wants me to disconnect the call, without saying “bye”.

This isn’t an FTP connection which terminates on a “bye”! Tell her that it is “GoodBye” & time hasn’t ripen yet for you to tell.
> What if my GF doesn’t acknowledge that guys with Aishwarya like > GFs are gifted in some way?

May be she understands the ill-fate of such guys loosing their Aishwarya like GFs to Abhishek like BFs!
> What if my GF wants me to respond to every call/SMS she makes, however > busy I’m?

Inform your manager & co-workers about your GF & make sure that they allocate a task in the MPP for you to respond to ur GF during work.
> What if my GF wants me to promise on her name, that I won’t ever bring > any other girl to the position of hers?

Ask for a proof that the existing candidate is highly qualified & works for it!
> What if my GF wants me to cool off, when she gives a date & threatens > to kill herself on that date?

You had to plead Mr. Sun God to sleep-off that particular day. You’ll loose a day in ur lifetime, but never mind.
> What if my GF wants me to think good, even when she says that I’m > being dumped in a dustbin near her?

Got to be happy for a new shelter!
> What if my GF wants me to give different answers, whenever she asks > the same question?

You cannot bring boredom to yourself by giving the same answers; you got to be creative, you know?
> What if my GF wants me to mind nothing; whatever she says, however she > is & whatever she does?

“Who cares”, is the best attitude! Free your mind; Free your body!
> What if my GF keeps quarrelling for the nth time, when there were > (n-1) warnings already given?

Assume that her counters doesn’t work because they were never used.
> What if my GF wants me to put myself in her shoes, when she doesn’t > even mind what the size of my shoe is?

May be she is confused of US/UK/Korea shoe standards. Educate her.
> What if my GF wants me to have overwhelming affection & warmth, when > she has more of a desire than of a love towards me?

Ask her to sign a business agreement, explain her about your idea, funding, targets, etc & finally your “venture termination” clauses & procedures.
> What if my GF wants me to believe & hope for the best, when she keeps > proving a not-so-good story.

Get inspiration from romantic movies with happy endings & keep watching the climax several times a day.
> Assume that you have a GF & what if she is like my GF? >:O)

Hey, bullshit! One should be a half-baked crazy nut to follow that crappy cow. Where is she?