Getting iDeas

20.03.2004 in WriteThings

How to get ideas? Do you know how? Jack Foster in his book ‘How to get Ideas’ (ISBN: 81-7649-245-0) tells the magic behind it.

But why the heck I read this book? A’m I not idea Prone? As one of my managers say that ‘there is always a scope for improvement’. Let’s not contend ourselves. Melioration is the crux for success. Ok. Fine. Some excerpts:

An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements.

Sounds pretty simple. Ya that’s 100% true.

He who Laughs, lasts. People with ideas are never serious. Having fun bring you lots. Believe strongly that there exists a solution and know sure to get that idea. Imagine that you got the idea and act accordingly. Be more like a child. Kids are natural-born scientists. Look at the questions that they ask. We have to be speechless. Get more Inputs. Be courageous and extremely curious. Try to get more of ‘Old Elements’. Do something, something different, something that will start you in a different direction, something that will get you out of your rut.

If you want to be creative, go where your questions lead you. Do things. Have a wide variety of experiences. Don’t just look at things around, but see. Seeing requires a lot of effort. See the detail and enjoy it. Fear of rejection shouldn’t shutdown your idea factory. Rethink your thinking. A conclusion is the place where you get tired thinking. Think Visually. Once you get the visual idea, the words are easy. Think laterally. Don’t assume boundaries that aren’t there. The creative mind should be free to roam, to explore, to seek wherever it wants. Look for analogues.** Break the Rules**. Take chances. Opportunities never show-up again. Define the Problem. The Formulation of the problem is more essential than its solution. Gather lot more information about the problem. The biggest sin is sitting on your ass. If there is no wind, you have to row. After you think deeply for solution, forget about it. The idea what you wanted will buzz you when needed. Even if you are in the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. So put your idea into action. Nothing great is achieved without enthusiasm. If you’re going to do it, do it. That’s commitment. This commitment creates action. Give yourself a Deadline. The shorter, the better.

Bingo! I got an Idea. We will end this post.