Food for Peace

09.01.2007 in IntelliSparks

Bharathiyar once said:
> தனி ஒருவனுக்கு உணவில்லை எனில் ஜகத்தினை அழித்திடுவோம்!
> We shall wipe this world out, if an individual fails to get his food. > (a rough translation)

Yeah! There’ll be commotion & revolt when the needy doesn’t get his piece of pancake. >:O) Basically, disturbance of peace.

Momofuku (don’t read aloud >:O), the inventor of instant noodles, also said:

Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat!

You see, how these great men have united in their thoughts. All they say is, “Food buys Peace in this world”. I guess, this will be a pretty Freakonomics story, if well researched.

Ok. Got enough food for thought? May you digest it in Peace. >:O)