Fishy tale

11.12.2007 in BackTrace , FunFrolic

He was never a fisherman, but had a strong desire to become one. Having nothing to do today, he thought of doing some fishing. There is plenty of fish out-there in the lake nearby. He’s amateurish & wanted some fun. He took his rod & went on a float. Stopped it somewhere in the middle, hooked up a bait & dropped into the water. A few minutes passed by & still no fish. He waited.

Meanwhile, a large fish felt its boredom to be killing. It also wanted some fun. Seeing the bait, it knew that someone is out-there to play with. It came up to the surface & flipped the water with its tail fin. He got alerted with this & gave a jerk to his bait. The fish too got enthused. It came up again & popped its head to see who the bloody he is. He came to the edge of the float, to have a proper look at what this fish is upto.

The fish got a good glimpse of he & decided he to be the right person to play with. It went near the bait, took a mouthful & pulled deep inside the water. He having no support, fell in the lake & sinked eventually. Being hurt with the bait, the fish helped itself away from it & swam far-off. He was later fished-out, pale & tired, but alive.

He then lay by the shore & watched all the fishy activity. He cannot go home with nothing to eat. He needs fish to support his family. I donno when he’ll plunge.

Update #0: After the dinner today, I sat down to catchup with something on TV. Went thro’ all the movie channels & in Zee Studio, a Tom Hanks movie was running. Hoping it to be good, kept aside the remote & relaxed on the chair. Then I realized that coincidence, after watching it for a few minutes. Splash was running. Guess what? The girl whom Tom Hanks loves is a mermaid. I guess, its a kinda fish. The rest is left to your imagination. :)