Finally & Firstly - 5

07.02.2006 in BackTrace

I hardly remember anything during the transit from Bangkok to Narita. But in the Narita Airport, the happennings were really interesting. I collected my baggage and was pulling it into the arrival lobby. The crowd was really huge. As I went in, the whole group neatly seperated into two: Foreigners and Japanese. How so many Japanese can travel by air, I wondered. They looked not like business men. However, I perceived them to be. Most of them had just a medium sized shoulder bag. Not like the one I had. A person sitting near the Immigration counter, opened his bag and pulled out a Slate like object. What could that be? It was a Panasonic made Laptop computer. I was so compact and thin. Immediately, I looked at mine. A Toshiba made satellite series. This Was heavier than my School bag that I carried in my 8th class.

I had to be picked-up by BB-“san(How do you use san, kun and chan?)”: from the Airport. He is my Japanese counterpart with whom we collaborate. I was supposed to call his mobile and he’ll come and take me to the hotel. My 1st task was to exchange money. Along with a few notes, I was given a hand full of coins. They were Japanese Yen. Some coins even had holes at their centers, as similar to the “Indian Anna.(The Coins of British India)”: With my pockets full, I went to the Public Telephone to give a call to BB-san. The telephone had an LCD interface, in which a cartoon animation was telling how to use. The text which it displayed was Japanese. I told to myself that this marks the start of my life at Japan.

There were slots for coins and I dropped in a few. Just dialed the number which he emailed me before. A voice response came in Japanese. I hung up. The coin did not come out. So I dopped in some more and dialled the same number. Again a voice response came. I couldn’t correlate whether it was the same response which came earlier. As I moved out of the telephone, someone came near asked for help; to dial a number. What an Irony? I looked around to find the information desk. I went and asked for help. On looking at the number, they pointed that it had a digit missing. I was showing them the print-out of the email which I received. I was baffled. I was travelling oversees for the 1st time and that too as a lonely soul. People around were different and acted the same way as they are. They hardly speak English, which I hardly understand. What should I do?

*Warning:* There are lot of errors in this text - Past & Present Tense confusion. Beware!