Finally & Firstly - 4

29.12.2005 in BackTrace

It was around 11:00pm. The take-off happened towards the Arabian Sea. The machine flew on top of the coastline and then the sea. I was in ‘Under Privileged Economic Class” and positioned near the wings. Fortunately got a window seat and the window next to me became my accomplice. It suddenly veered towards the land. Now the best part of the flight came in. Mumbai sparkled like a Diamond planted Gold Jewellery. All those sodium vapour lamps threw ample lighting in the space. Adding to that were the vehicular traffic. It shinned and glittered.I was certainly excited. My heart jumped in mid-air. No casualties but.

The Thai stooged in the air. Fantastic Four was playing in the common screen. Feeling disinterested in the movie, I dozed off in my seating. Earlier, I was greated by a Thai Hostesses clad in Indian like ethnic wear. She had some rosy stain on her cheeks and wore an orchid flower. They served me rice crackers, orange juice and water. Food tagged as ‘Asian Special Vegetarian’ came in later. Dreamt about the food and people at Japan. I haven’t had such high altitude dreams before. Never dreamt of dreaming in an aircraft. The hazy pictures of the dream scared, as I was the lonely soul to travel. I slept off to wake up during the landing.

Bangkok too was beautiful from the top. But not as cute as Mumbai, owing to its Mercury lighting. The lustre was missing. ok. The Airport terminus was soaked with Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs and SriLankans. Yup! mostly South Asians. Airports have nothing like mornings and evenings, people from several time zones depart/arrive/passby. But I remember, my Biological clock compelled me for some sleep. Closed my eyes for another 3 hours in the waiting lounge.