Finally & Firstly - 3

10.12.2005 in BackTrace

Exchanging cards with that Hen Consultant, I walked down the arrival lobby. The walls of Mumbai Airport appeared to be well polished. Infact, there were some artwork decorations. Looked much better. I was one among the brisk walking gentlemen in the lobby. Ladies were lethargic, as usual.

Clamied my baggage and seated on the waiting chairs. All my luggages lay around me. I had to inform friends from school and college. I didn’t want my travel to be a secret expedition. Was Busy in sending Telegraphic SMSes, when the guy in formal attire approached.

He: “Sir, R u waiting for International Airport?”
Me: “Hmm…. oh! Yes. Yes!”

Ho hO. I never know that I had to change the port. It didn’t strike me at all. The one I landed was domestic. The International one is about 12Km away from that place. A free shuttle service operates every 30 min for international travellers. I waited for it. The van arrived and I clinged to it.

Mumbai International Terminal was huge and less crowded. Everybody including the Port workmen, shopkeepers and the passengers spoke only Hindhi. Everytime I had to apologize for my ignorance towards that language. Sometimes they ignored what I said. Sometimes they drove me to another person to converse in English. An International Airport shouldn’t be mean towards non-Hindhi speaking Indians.

Immigration procedures ended well. I had to fly through Thai Airways to Narita, Japan via Bangkok. Felt very hungry so went around for a good eat-out. The lobbies and passways ran to long distances. I stopped near a refreshment kiosk for a Ginger Coffee. The same shop was selling Airtel Long Distance Calling Cards. Purchased one of that too.

Sipping the gingery drink, I went near to the LCD Tv that was hanging from the roof. Alas! It was showing pictures of people crying and running. There had been a major earthquake in the PoK region and BBC was covering the calamity. I was curiously watching the report, like Viktor Navorski of The Terminal.

Did that omen meant something? I didn’t care to bother. A Thai waited outside to carry me out of my தாய்நாடு (MotherLand).