Finally & Firstly - 1

16.11.2005 in BackTrace

9th Oct, ‘05 - the day arrived. My Dad and Mom had come to participate in the special occasion. I was busy in buying things while my folks were packing the baggage. All of a sudden, our travel co-ordinator calls me and says that my tickets were not confirmed and I have to travel via Mumbai. This Indian Airlines flight bound to Mumbai is 5.5 hrs earlier to my perv itinerary. I had to rush-up.

Everything was set right and we were in the Airport Lounge. There were numerous chicks clad in Red skirts, fishing everybody’s eyes. The Kingfisher’s crew were busy in making the Big Impression. From outside, the B’lore International Airport appeared far below to Coimbatore Airport which was 5 years before. Checked-in the baggage, got the boarding pass. The excitement was overflowing. My Parents wanted me to eat well, do good work and fly back in triumph. Tangu gave all the means to reach the Hotel from Narita, in case if the supposed person fails to pick me from Airport. There came a call for the security check and I had to depart. Went a bit emotional, controlling my senses, I said, ‘TaTa போயிடு வரங்க!‘.

The room where I was seated didn’t feel like an Airport Terminal. The walls has dirt and lost lusture. There was noise everywhere. I was thirsty and sweating. The Airport Authorities called for my class. Tthe majority of the crowd raised from their seats and moved - ‘Economics of Scale’ worked here too!.