End of thŕattle

21.03.2010 in OwnerShip

I read someone to write, that his blog is not dead. Here I come to tell you that this blog will be dead in a few min.

So far, so long & so many thoughts. I always reappear & continue to write, whenever I abscond from thŕattle. It was always temporary. But this time, it is different. I like to blog more; like the urge of a person to live more when he gets to know about his impending death. I cannot stop death; I can delay it, thou.

I always cling to certain passions, things & subjects that interest me, at certain points in my life. But they all go past me. They change & I change as well.

Thanks to thrattle to get me introduced to all good people (Hi there!). I’ll keep your data safe.

All I can say is we are at the end. I hav no time either. This is the end for us.

This blog is dead now.

PS: If you think the word ‘thrattle’ sounds cool, go ahead & use it. No credits or attributions are needed. I give away all my ownership on this.