Dressing up a Cup

01.10.2008 in CreativeCart


(if you are a craftsman, skip this portion.)
- Take any porcelain cup & break apart the handle. Or if you are gifted with a maid, who manages to break the handles of the cups you use; you are lucky. - Measure its circumference C & height H. Divide them with a whole number W, so that the resultants are whole numbers, WC & WH, with a minuscule remainder. ie WC ~= C / W & WH ~= H / W. - Cut long strips of paper from magazines (no newspapers, specially not TOI) of lengths > C & widths ~ 3W . Fold both the edges inwards along the breath, so that the resulting width is W. Prepare WC + WH many such strips. - Take your hankie & place within 15 cms from the eye. Watch closely the thread patterns & imagine how it could hav been put together. Your observation & imagination should last atleast for a minute. - Now take the paper strips, you hav folded & knit them like the threads weaved in your imagination. (You can use the above pic for reference, though.) Use glue to secure the strips in place. Run the strips between, above once & below the other time. Do this keeping the pattern of the cloth, you hav seen in your mind. Pull in the strips closer, to avoid any gaps that may form. Glue all the sides, once the paper-fabric in the making measures C in length &  H in width. - Now, time to dress-up. Wrap the whole paper-fabric around the Cup. Secure the sides & the joint with a duct tape.

(If you hav skipped the above text, I guess just by looking at the pic, you would hav gotten a fair idea on how to do one.)
- Prepare for a photo shoot, post it online & leave a link. :)