Dream Tag

22.01.2007 in BackTrace , FunFrolic

I have always believed in the words of our honorable President, “Dream, dream, dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into actions!

I donno whether I put some effort to conduct & transfrom these dreams. But I believe that dreams, somehow, will come true, provided that these are kept dreamt upon.

When in school, our chemistry miss utters a question & points to someone to answer. I dreamt of answering all the questions whenever she asks me. It became true. When I donno the answer, the question never comes to me. While in college, when I didn’t get a job, I dreamt of withdrawing money from an ATM in Bangalore. I even dreamt of hitting hard with a knife, the floor to the entrance of our Placement Office, as soon as I get placed. I dreamt of it all the time, religiously! Eventually, It became true, but not the hitting one. >:O)

Okie. I’m kinda never been tagged nor I did tagged someone. But, tagging is lot fun within the Blog-o-sphere. You can very well ask things that you wanna know about the person, by tagging him/her. >:O) Well, this day Ponnarasi did the “Tell me your dream” tag to me. Yep, with a guideline of “one should’nt write about a dream that you think might come true in future :D”! This one has a lot of “strings”
attached. >:O)

Mine is mostly daydreams. Can’t publicize things out of Daydreaming >:O) So we’ll talk about dreams at sleep. These kinda dreams are short lived, hence volatile. The moment you rise from bed, even if it is a “really” good dream, you would have forgotten it. But there is one, that ceases to go-off from my memory, it is a sort of torture technique.
> I’m taken into a chamber for someone to torture. The roof & the walls > of this chamber are collapsible. They can be moved inwards to really > crush the person inside. I’m tied in the middle of the chamber & > everybody goes out. The ordeal starts. The roof & the walls are coming > closer. I have some power of shrinking myself. Unlike in the movie, > “Honey, I shrunk the kids”, I can do it for myself - something > like an X-Men inspired super-power. So I > shrink myself a little. The walls & the roof creaked & grumbled. But > they still move to crush me. I shrinked myself again. The walls & the > roof seem never to stop. I shrinked further again. But wasn’t > helpful.
> The air got pressurised & became very dense. I found it hard to > pull-in air, my lungs have swollen. You can’t listen to my heart, it > is pounding hard. I was in a very very pathetic state. The walls & the > roof have now touched me. They still continue to push me from all > sides. I kept myself to shirnk. I was hoping for a point that the roof > & the walls get locked each other & stop. I could escape then. But > that never happened. It pressed me harder & harder. I’m now past my > limits of survival. The walls & the roof, left me no hopes.

Its should be really sad to die like that! I, wake-up everytime after this horrifying dream & take some water to subside the terror. Man, in the middle of night; its bloody scary. I used to get this dream for almost an year back. Now it doesn’t happen! >:O)

Even while I write this, I feel some sense of uneasiness & discomfort, when I tried to remember things. I guess, this dream episode won’t happen in real & would be a perfect-fit for this tag. I’m relieved. >:O)