12.10.2006 in FunFrolic , IntelliSparks

1. Couple-de-Couple Theorem:

A couple of people saying themselves as couples, copulate to produce a couple* of people.

You might ask; What does “de-couple” had to do here?
Well! You may consider Newton’s 3rd law of reciprocal actions, which explains the essence of life. Hence the name.

* The results may vary! >:O)

2. Woman Demystified:

A Man goes to find, what a Woman is all about. He encounters “W” first, then “O” & then finds himself. He comes out to say* a “W” & a “O” makes a Woman.

You might ask; Why can’t be she be a “Moman” instead, it shouldn’t be confusing as long as the shapes match?
Yep! But Men are generally taller than Women, hence they are “Women”. If Women are taller, they would have been termed as “Momen”. (An introduction to Engineering Drawing might help to understand this.)

* As a result of his remarks, the woman goes in a state of wo. To deprive from it he goes in to “woo” her! Happy ending! Isn’t it? >:O)