21.09.2008 in OwnerShip

Do It Yourself (DIY), is an attitude kinda thing. Gives you independence & empowerment.

3 things, I DIYed recently:

Fixed my headphone. Being a Sennheiser, I didn’t want to throw it way. Learnt that the internal metal strands are very thin & comes with a resin coating. Just pulling out the vinyl sheath isn’t enough to establish a broken contact. You gotto meticulously scrape the resin to expose the bare wire.

My mobile fell down from the shelf & the display showed up like a mirror image. So all that that you enter would go from right to left with all glyphs having a horizontal flip. I tried several things, like restarting the phone, pulling out the battery etc. Nothing worked. Then I dropped the phone exactly the same way it had fallen, the prev time. Viola! The display is back to normal.

The ironbox is the most essential thing, specially for Bachelors who would do a quick press before running to office. It had gone berserk & would heat only for the 1st time, you power up. The next time it would heat-up is after 30 long minutes. I opened up the outer-cover & pulled out all screws; except one. It got jammed & my screw driver would slip everytime I tried hard. Not knowing what to do after, I placed all the screws back & closed the cover. Now the iron works perfectly fine until today. :)

Something had gone wrong? Don’t giveaway. Try your hands. You can make a difference.

Great resource for DIYers:

ps: Agreed! This post isn’t composed well.

Update #0: My iron stopped to work after I blogged about it! :( Looks like, taking it to a repair shop is also a part of DIY.