Crtl + Alt + Del

08.03.2004 in WriteThings

Any IT company will have a pile of policies. There is one which bothers me much, the Internet access policy.
Can I cut this by atleast 50%? Ya I got an answer. The trick is to create a shortcut in your Quick Launch Bar.

You: Hey Man, Linux desktops have this feature already!
Me: I agree he is a better technology. Relax! This is for yours.
You: ?#@!!!! /Confused/
1. On Desktop, Right click > New > Shortcut.
2. In “Create Shortcut dialog box”, type: rundll32 user32.dll, LockWorkStation
3. Click Next.
4. In “Select a Title for the Program dialog box”, type: Crtl + Alt + Del.
5. Click Finish.
6. Drag this to your Quich Launch panel for easy access.
7. When you click your new Crtl + Alt + Del icon, the desktop will lock. Ha! It works. Now slam your KeyBoard.

Remember, A Mouse is too fast to catch!