Computer names

13.09.2008 in BackTrace

Names hav always been my fascination. Here are the names of PCs, I used:

Sawtooth: While in college, 3 guys pooled in & bought this PC. Inspired with the characteristics of a sawtooth waveform, I named it so. Did lots of work in C, Matlab, Photoshop & Flash with it. It also served as an epicenter of Hostel movie club & gaming centre.

Mr.Fertile: This is a desktop, I bought after starting to work. I donno why, I addressed it to be masculine. Since, the host names cannot hav dots, I settled with Fertile. It is with my bro now. Hope he is making, good use of it.

Strawbee: Its a Dell Inspiron 1520. It has a red front body, so took the Straw part of Strawberry. I wanted it to work & be active like a Bee. So is the name. It gets hot pretty fast, bulky & is ugly looking. The best part of it, is its 1660x1050 screen. I adore it all the time.

The SSID of our home router is Serene. My roomie named it. I guess its cool.

Idea: Planet FLOSS India