Chennai Weather

19.06.2005 in BackTrace

The Sun in Chennai fried (oil-less) me totally during my visit to it in the last week. The Suns in Coimbatore and Bangalore were better. I have already got some rashes around my left hand index-knuckle. This is because I’m reactive to pollution and sensitive to UV rays. The Skin therapist had advised me to avoid the 9am-4pm Sun. But inevitably I had to go out in that time.

The Sun in Chennai witnessed most my of outings. Owing to this, my rashes got intense and drove me into trouble. In addition, I got Sun burns around my neck which made me to experience a burning sensation whenever I sweated. Even worser, the skin beneath my pinnae and the upper part of the neck got hardened to resemble the skin of a Buffalo. This analogy just refers to the texture and not the color.

When in the Sun, I got roasted and while in Shadows, I got soaked with Sweat. The Salt from my Body precipitated and stayed on my arms, cheeks, neck and forehead. You are not supposed to wipe-off the Sweat, as Sweat is secreted to cool the body and if it is cleaned-up what happens? It’ll again Sweat. You are unknowingly triggering a cyclic reaction and the only produce will be a ‘dirty-stinking hankie’.

I’m slowly recovering from all my skin complaints. The Sun in Bangalore is showing sympathy and mercy towards me. Yesterday, the Max temp was 29 degree celsius while the Min was 21 degree celsius and there were some showers. The monsoon is yet to begin. Cool isn’t it?