Chennai Meetup - Part 2

14.06.2005 in BackTrace

In case if u have missed - Chennai Meetup - Part 1 is here

I was still sleeping. The chillness of the AC woke Arvind at 6. He switched it off and then continued sleeping. Later he told that even a 25 degree celsius would cause the floor to go so cold that it’ll make us feel bitter when stepped on. Thangam was motionless in his sleep. 3 of us were on the same bed. No worries, nothing happenned. I was the last to get-up. Sunday for me started late at 9:00am.

We took bath and got ready to have some breakfast. Arvind’s mom had to go to office (IOB). This time Arvind’s dad had to prepare us food. PlainDosai-EggDosai-IdlyPodi-Thovayal combination was our intake. Then called up Nal for the day’s plan. Also I was asking Arvind’s dad for the route to Nanganallur. Wanted to meet my friend who resides there. Getting to know the buses to take, I left for Nanganallur.

The Other guys gathered and got into a ChettinaduHotel for the luncheon. The place was Nal’s choice. Not very crowded and they have got into a seperate dining room. Their order was mostly sea food. I was in Kodambakkam station and Nal came to pick me to the hotel.

We had one new person with us. It was Sasi (the God). Man, he had put lot of fat and flesh. I noticed his tummy growing out. He had chubby cheeks, rosy skin, bluie eyes…. ok I’ll stop here. He spends most of his free time in FWding SMSes and composing ring tones in his mobi. If your mobi inboxes are empty and needs some filling, do subscribe with Sasi. He had improved his way of talking. The modulation index had significantly reduced.

One person who had escaped from all the fun was Nags. He had gone to his Sis’s house on the previous night. Nags was the same as seen right from college. One change could be - Nice-Neatly-Groomed hair. He had trimmed off all the curls but the curls in his GreyMatter are still intact. There are facts to prove, read on. We were extremely happy that he had applied for 2 (individual) patents. His research and development is towards building the World’s Fastest ADC. Did u say wOw? I said it to myself. 9to9 will be his normal work timings at TI. Got a house in B’lore, brought his parents there and well settled. Expecting a travel to Texas in another few months. So thats about him.

The other guy was Gokul. We didn’t know where he went. But returned in the evening with a perfume and miniature-digicam. Your guesses on who would have gifted are most welcome. Gokul had both losses and gains. Our photos showcase them. If you have any problems in pronouncing Proper Nouns esp Names, pls get in touch with Gokul. He’s well experienced. He had shown lot of enthusiasm and spirit throughout our trip. The aspect of liveliness came from him. Shall we call him the Hero?

Prompted by the banners of Sathyam Theatre, boasting to have a Digital Movie Projection System, we wanted to experience it. ‘Mr&Mrs Smith’ was running, but couldn’t get hold of the tickets. The next choice was Abirami. They were showing ‘Ullam Ketkume More’. Seemed there were more than 1 heroine. Again the same fate - no tickets.

So the next hang-out would be? Spencers. I was with Pachai and his new pulsar. At somepoint in our way, Pachai took a different route and we missed the other bikes. In every signal, Pachai struggled to move the vehicle. He levers the 1st gear, raises the accelerator, releases the clutch - damn the bike halts with a jerk. The vehicles behind honked and was roaring in my ears. I understand the pains in becoming ‘Definitely Male’.
We rejoined with others at the Spencers.

Spencers is really really huge. There were shops for all kind of articles/clothing/eatables. It has been built in 3 phases and I have never seen such a mall before. There were sign-boards at every corner saying ‘MoreShops ->’ This concept of ‘more’ is related to usability. You would have noticed Google using ‘more>>’. SonyEricsson mobiles come with ‘more’ buttons.

Siva & Nal got us some milk-shakes from FoodWorld. StrawBerry-Vannila-BlackCurrent were the flavours. We sipped and sat staring at the iPod showdown in the center-place. Then we roamed - going by escalators-staircases-verandas. Pachai shopped for his biking-gear. Thangam got a pair of full-n-half sleeved t-shirts for his gym workouts. Nal too got one. Siva went traditional and got a kuruta.

Meanwhile Pradeep and Gans went in a hunt for MuthuKumar. He is our friend from the Civil Dept. When in college, he was in the nearby hostel rooms. He joined us and continued roaming. We got into LandMark - just gazed thro’ the racks. I saw a lot of crowd in tamil book sections. You cannot witness such things (not for tamil but for kannada) in B’lore. Siv got some cards for his colleagues. It was Nal’s B’Day on the next day. We took a card for him too. We then crowded near the music-cd section. The ACD of ArindhumAriyamalum is worth to own – just 65 rupees.

We came out of LandMark to see MTR IceCream parlour. Everybody wanted softies. Our hosts got them too. While I was enjoying the IceCream, to my surprise, I saw SoniaAggarwal at the nearby Scullers shop. I couldn’t believe, yes I didn’t. She was the shop girl, but looked strikingly similar. I pointed her to many of our guys, all in vain, nobody agreed. Consoled myself saying, ‘Kaakai ikku than kunju pon kunju thane’ We signed our wishes on the card we bought for Nal and gave it to him. You’ll stumble across this photo in my flickr account.

Sasi insisted on a visit to the MusicWorld. We pushed ourselves in. There were various artists, genre & lang. The music was loud and inviting. Seemed Pachai did a move, which I missed out. Many were chewing about it when we came out. There Rajini’s photograph was kept along with the other great musicians. That appeared inappropriate.

We came out of Spencers and headed towards Arvind’s house. We had to collect our baggages before we reach the station. The train to B’lore was at 9:30pm. We hurried ourselves in Arvind’s car. His dad was driving. The radio in the car was playing Suryan FM. It was Vijay’s interview for the success of Thirupaachi. Time was running short – we need to have dinner and Thangam had to meet his friend who is doing medicine and has a shift in the GH. Somehow both happened and we were in our seats. The TTR came to verify the tickets. We took our positions to sleep. B’lore came at 4:50am and woke us in the middle of our sleep.

With a content of meeting our friends, we reached home. Those 2 days went like a jiffy, Chennai guys kept us engaged. Thanks a lot ppl. Hoping to plan for more and gather frequently.

Hy’Bad would be the next - Sujai and Thenali prepare yourselves.