Chennai Meetup - Part 1

13.06.2005 in BackTrace

Saturday we (Nags, Ganesh, Gokul, Arvind, Thangam and Myself ) reached Chennai @ 7:40 am. Arvind’s Dad and Uncle came to receive us. To my surprise, Arvind’s Dad looked young and appeared much decent than KattaiArvind. Their Omni was Jam-Packed for six of us. I remember Kilpak Hospital coming on the road towards Arvind’s House. There was a Monkey doll right in the middle of their residence, hanging from the roof. But Arvind didn’t have a tail. Idly-Chuttney-Thovayal-Vadai-RagiSweet was our Breakfast. We were later joined by Nal and Pradeep. We got ourselves ready, went to Siv’s House. Pachai was there with his new Pulsar. Being a novice, we didn’t want him to drive it. So he rode as the pillion of Siva.

Then we started to speed on the ECR road. Lots of Sand came with the breeze and we were at great velocities. Gokul stood first but eventually lost air (not hair) in his front tyre. Nal got himself in getting the mechanic. In the time we waited, some went to the coastline and plunged into water. Gokul again enthusiastically took the lead. Made a good show but to an inappropriate audience. Nags went silent, straight into the waters with his clothes on. Seemed he enjoyed the confrontation with the waves. It was 1:00pm. Actually we were headed towards MGM, our late start ate the time and we had to revisit our plans.

Mayajaal was nearby so we thought of some cinema. Immediately, Nal and Siva went to check whether we could get any show. Meanwhile we got into a pure vegiee hotel and ordered meals. Thangam with an exception ordered Chappati. Filled ourselves with whatever we have ordered and moved into Mayajaal. We had booked the 1:50pm show of ArindhumAriyamalum.

For the people who have seen ‘The Forum’ and ‘B’lore Central’, Mayajaal wasn’t that exciting. The place was expensive, tickets costed Rs. 150 each. A hangout of a Kind catering the Rich-Class. The cinema hall was hardly half full. The movie had started before even we settled on our seats. The music was awesome and nothing other than this was better. The visual aspects of the movie hero seeded some confidence in Nal to pursue acting. Pradeep went cheerful whenever the Heroine was shown. Sometimes cinematography was also good. Somehow all the 15 reels of the movie rolled over and finally we could get out of Mayajaal. ArindhoAriyamalo inthap padathai paarthiraathi inga.

Then is Go-Karting. Gokul inspired everyone to Kart. Rs 100 for a 5 min ride. We went in a discussion with the Kart-keepers since not many of the people had done such a thing before. The Kart-keepers told us that evan 1st-timers can make 5 laps in 5 mins. At last, going with the wind, we took our laps. Gokul and Arvind gave us lot of thrill while Nal and Thangam showed lot of patience. In the event Ganesh got a sprain on his back and is still suffering from it. Some didn’t want to stop with just 1 round and went for the 2nd. Pradeep improved his timings and laps in the 2nd round. Gokul put-up a max of 10 laps. The Jitter and shake in the ride, took many of us down. All wanted some rest.

We went back to the same beach. Gokul didn’t loose his excitement again, but this time it was ‘U’. Even I got in to the sea. Nal and Siva stayed on the Shore. Had a good time in the waves. They became a little stronger as the evening approached. Got a nice Sophisticated-Sea-Shell for myself. But a tiny crab came along clinging to its inside. Nags insisted me to throw it back to the sea. But Gokul made him to peep outside and pulled to get rid of him. We departed from the Beach and geared-up to Ganesh’s House.

There was Dinner prepared at Ganesh’s house for both the vegies and non-vegies. Ganesh with Gokul took a direct route while others went for Arvind’s house. On the way, Thangam wished to take a look at the Tidel Park. So Nal took us in. iNautix has its office inside. The security system was tight as if it was a High-Profile-Defence establishment. Got our visitor passes and looked up to measure its height. The ouside of the Building was well lit and is glowing. Inspite of being in Chennai, not many would have gone into Tidel. We were fortunate, thanks to Nal. There were FoodCourt, Tellers, Hospital, MoneyExchange, and ofcourse offices inside. I saw a good number of girls wearing their neck tags wandering near the foodcourt. Nags got us some pizzas. Nal bought some gulfis, drinks and Jamoon. Ho God, their treat was overwhelming. In between Thangam met his friend, Gowri. He works in SCM MicroSystems. He was very influential with the office security and took us to the Development Area. Theirs was much better than ours. Nal explained us the lift system - there are lifts which’ll stop only on 7 to 12 floors and ppl to other floors need to take the correct ones. It was getting late for the Dinner, people in Ganesh’s house were waiting for us.

It became dark by the time we left Tidel. It was Ganesh’s house, bang we are there. They were watching ‘AnbeShivam’ after the food. They could’nt tolerate their appetite and ignored us for the meal. Their 5.1 system was under utilized to give out only 3.5. I noticed the same in Nal’s house. The rears of their BoomBox were placed at wrong places. Rice with Chicken Kuzhambu was served and we ate to the fullest. Then back to Arvind’s House for the night’s sleep. The AC was kept at an optimum temperature. I felt pleasant and comfortable in the Bedroom. Had a nice-sound-dreamless sleep.

Lets wait for tomorrow….

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