Chennai Film Club

18.11.2006 in BackTrace , BumpedUpon

It goes by the name “Tamilnadu Thiraippada Iyakkam” (Chennai film society, roughly). The best part is that they show movies in the ultra-famed Satyam Theatre, and, hold your breath… the yearly membership fee is 400 Rs. They promise to show at least about 50 rare foreign language (mostly non-English) movies, which works out to Rs. 8 for a weekend movie in an awesome theatre.
Src: Film lovers in Chennai, listen up!

Appu, are you in Chennai & interested in watching films? You gotto read this.

Film clubs are related to me, very much. When in college hostel, I used to run an un-official CD (VCD) club. >:O) Collecting money from movie buffs, renting CDs, notifiying all the subscribers about the rented movie, letting people to watch these movies in my PC, distributing MPEGAV folders to other HardDrives & returning the rented CDs are all part of the job. Generally the movies will be screened at nights. While I watch them, I scarcely follow the dialogues & accents; many-a-times I interrupt the “Englispeechers” to findout what the dialogue was or what they actually meant. Also, I get asleep very early. Its a sort of irony when everybody watches the movie, I go to sleep. But, I wake up next morning a little early to watch the movie with headphones on. >:O)

Its only the Film Club in my college which showed me “Basic Instinct”. Basically, it created an Instinct towards movie clubs. Then on, I always get cheered about Film clubs; like this. >:O)