Change is Constant

11.10.2008 in WriteThings

Doesn’t this sentence, sound oxymoronic just like a const variable?
> Change is the one, that is always constant.

The speed of light which you might think to be an universal constant, actually refers to something that is changing. It denotes the rate of change of the position of a photon.

How about the radius of earth? Is it constant? It denotes radius of something that is in self-rotation as well as on the move around the sun. What if the earth stops all its movements? Will its radius be the same? Will it still be spherical (~)?

Did I hear about the mass? Well! Take the mass of anything. What makes a mass? Its protons, neutrons & electrons. All are under constant move.

Leave living-things, even non-living things change. Every mountain grows. Sea levels change. Clouds float to places. Stones roll in diff shapes, the environment around carves it. Tables crack with age. Chairs bend. Oxygen eats metals. Dead bodies disintegrate.

Earth’s gravity, number of chromosomes in humans, your parents (think abt it), your interests - all denote change or will subject to change.

Change is everywhere. Everything surrounding you changes. Embrace change.

(ps: Even the spelling of “Change” can change, you may never be sure of!)