Celebrate Life

05.07.2004 in BackTrace , WriteThings

Its almost 2 weeks since I posted at ScreamCast. Would you mind to know the reason? Hmm. Last Week, my Team Lead killed himself. People say all because of some family problems. Lot of people in my office noticed he being dull and very silent. Everyone realised that something was going wrong. When enquired, his answer was, “No Yaar; Nothing for me”. Finally when insisted strong, he came out that his mother was not well. This was not convincing. Every mom in this world have better chances of dying before their sons. Diseases and aging are there to kill. This is natural. Ok. Ok. Lets not dig deep why, when and how this mishapp occured.

There are always lessons to learn. One needs to be bold while in depression. Act wise and face the tormenting situations. Sucides are cowardish. Escapism. Selfishness To some extent. We need to be open and let know people around whats troubling. Friends? Who are they? And why are they with you? Crisis management is what all schools has to teach the children. Controling and Winning emotions should be its chapters. Our Mind is the most powerful and the most destructive weapon. How we use it matters. 0.5 is close to 1 or 0? Whatelse can be the most aspiring/inspiring other than living and enjoying every second in our lifetime? Our life is a Celebration. The world celebrates it. We, the world.