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31.05.2004 in BackTrace

I’m thinking of changing from MovableType to Blogger because of the recent changes in both these software programs. Good to see the New Blogger and its templates. On the otherhand, MovableType went for its Version 3 which is no longer free even for personal use. I’m not comfortable anymore in using something which was free before and asks for a price now. Moreover its a nice feeling to use a Google product. Like to be a part of the gang who practices success. I have already moved all my posts to Due to this immigration, I have lost all your valuable comments (not many) on my posts. Hope you have no problems on this. Expecting you to gimme lot of feedback. I cannot categorize my posts. (Blogger doesn’t support categories in posts)

I forgot to welcome you all. There is a party going on at this address Do sneak in and participate.