Burkha Girls

19.01.2007 in BackTrace , FunFrolic

This happened yesterday. The sun was bright & shining. I was there to cross a road. Just opposite to me, a group of ladies waited to cross the same road. Its a busy road. Before they could try, I sped & did the crossing. I bumped into this group like a cheetah heading into a buffalo herd. They were a gang of muslim girls, with their burkhas (Not to be confused with barkha) on. Everyone there was fair skinned & wore a contrasting black robe. Everything just but their eyes was covered, as if with a tag “For your eyes only!”. Their veils had a strip like opening, around their eyes, just like the sticker strips of Aish(eyes)warya you genreally find on Autorickshaws.

There was no zebra crossing, there; something brought us to the same “Line of Crossing!” I perplexed & stood with the girls surrounded. Damn! Do I have to surrender now? Time forgot its timing & lost its pace. The world around me went blurred. The noisy road, to my surprise, became noiseless. The Sun decided to lit me alone. Some mixed smell of perfumes diffused in the air. I heard some chorus hums in the background; the angels, I suppose. I was not keen in watching every single eye, but everyone together. Some blinked, like the white stars twinkling in a night’s sky. Awesome. Its a constellation of icy cool eyes. Termed to be a “Rare Sighting”.

Before I could get to my senses, the gang is gone. An autorickshaw stopped to the side of me, the driver peered outside & asked, “Apollo Hospital?” Bloody, how does he know that I had a “Heart Stroke”?

Ok. Lets get back. At the 1st place, why do such women had to be wrapped up & stay within their burkhas? May be because, Islam allows men to practice polygyny. Women covering themselves would help them from not being the nth (where n > 1) wife of someone. Its also sad to note that women of Dubai can’t take sunbaths in their own beach stretches. But taking a look from a scientific angle, it appears to me, that a burkha is just a sunscreen. What say?