Boys being BoyFriends

05.01.2007 in FunFrolic , WriteThings

Have you observed this fact:
> Every girl you know, has a boy friend.

Ofcourse, that boy friend is not you. Not that you wanted to be, but still. You would have got baffled with it, thinking that you’ll never get a girl. I mean as a GF. For those men, I tell you, “don’t loose heart”. Yep! Heart. It has to be lost somewhere else, pump it up with more blood. Its needs to live longer, beat harder for someone else.

I may ask you to consider the converse of this fact:
> You are the boy friend of a girl whom you don’t know.

Sounds interesting? Read on. You may ask, “Well! Once I start to get to know the girl, will I be not her Boy Friend?” I suppose, you are the man of “a glass that is half empty”. See the brighter side. Make the grass greener on your side by changing the perception of what green is. The above statement is very optimistic, brings joy to your self. It makes you feel good. Think of the hundreds & thousands of girls whom you don’t know. Hurray! They are all your GFs. Does that sound scary? Come on! Don’t run-off! Its an opportunity to make use of & to prove that the fittest one survives.

Now pick a girl who has no one to marry (sometimes there can be an man, who is not her BF, but coming out of the blue & claiming for demand marriage rights!). I tell this because, we can’t hurt feelings within manhood. You know that. Ok. Make sure that the girl gets to think that there is no one to replace you. How to do that? Its an art in itself, a subject to research & claim doctorates. Wanna a Ph.D? Work for it!

I see a heavy churn-out of guys loosing out of love affairs. Looks like, I can run profitably a rehabilitation center for such men. Are you sick & tired? Sad & gloomy? Cheer-up guys. Its time to turn those dark, dusty, thick stubbles into french beards. Format those ill-fated memories & pave way to store more of happy material. Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Believe in it. My wishes. >:O) Ok. Now back to work.

PS: Don’t choose social networking sites or public chat rooms as your hunting grounds. You’ll always be a misfit.