Bizarre Interview - 1

22.02.2007 in FunFrolic

She tucked her hair up & turned to see Our Guy entering the lobby. She’s the receptionist at the software firm.

“Excuse me. I have come for an interview.”, our guy remarked.
“Ho! Good. The queue is right there.” said the painted lips.

The queue is long & ran thro’ the stairs. He took some water from the dispenser & joined the others. There were chatters about how good the receptionist is. He too felt the same. Some were serious on the projects that this company is working on. Some munched about the work culture as said by their friends. Some were drowsy & dull with their ears hearing everything thats spoken around.

He didn’t bother anything, just pulled out a book titled “Let us C”. And, all his thoughts dived into it. There were cellphones ringing, receptionist passing-by, security asking to follow the queue, nature calls,… Nothing pulled his concentration out, but for this:

“You’ll have the Technical Interview 1st & then the HR interview. Is that fine?“. Its the voice of the head HR; a mature lady holding a set of files.

Our Guy knocked the room where just another guy of his age said “Come in!“.

Ok. You are “Our Guy” right?
Nope! I’m “Its me!”
Lets not confuse ourselves. I’ll call you as “You”.
Thinking how insane he is; said “Ok”.

I’ll ask you just one question & our selection will be based on this. He gave a printed sheet, sipped his coffee & said saying “Please comment on this piece of code.” The paper had a code stub, which appeared like:

sComplex U, I; sVeryComplex L; sTroubleSome V, C; V = U & I + L; C = (WE_ARE_ONE == V)? U * I : ((U = I = WE_ARE_NOT_WE) & THERE_IS_NONE);

Our Guy thought for a while & wrote:

sComplex U, I; // Yes! U & I are complex sVeryComplex L; // L is much more complex sTroubleSome V, C; // V & C are TroubleSome types V = U & I + L; // This is a simple formula ; // This is a weird equation C = (WE_ARE_ONE == V)? U * I : ((U = I = WE_ARE_NOT_WE) & THERE_IS_NONE);

As the coffee got over, the guy (interviewer) peeped in the answer sheet. Meanwhile he gets a call, but said “You will have the HR interview in the afternoon, register yourself at the reception”. Immediately after saying this, he attends the call & whispered, “Hai! Sorry babe! Had some interview. Whats the matter?”

Our Guy silently leaves the room thinking about the HR interview.

[Part 2]