BEGIN: thr’attle

09.04.2005 in WriteThings

thŕattle is an effort towards organizing my thought streams and the world information in a way it is useful to you and me.

thŕattle is a mux-up of ‘throttle’ & ‘rattle’ and means ‘a throttle to way one’s rattles’. The ŕ in it is highlighted for an obvious reason.

Ok. For almost 5 months, I didn’t do anything with ScreamCast. Blogger can be push-button publishing, but in a way is pretty less in its features. So, was waiting for a WordPress blog. Got 1 from very recently. You too can get 1 if you could convince its webmasters. My blogroll here lists people who were helpful in setting up this blog. Thanks a TON guys.

There were a lot of hype earlier when Blogger was bought by Google. Curiosity made me to quit but I was googl(y)ed. Blogger quite didn’t excel after. Their improvements didn’t match up my expectations. So now I’m back here.

I value your comments more than my posts. Do participate & enjoy your stay. If you find me or thrattle to be interesting, contact me. I’m Ranjhith DOT kumar AT gmail DOT com