Band to Bandhipur - 2

12.07.2005 in BackTrace

With the discontent of not meeting even a single carnivore, we went back to our cottages. The next item was the screening of a Documentary on Nagarhole forests. The picture was put-up using an LCD projector. The speakers from Creative did the audible communication. Nagarhole has the highest density of Asiatic Tigers. Sure, it had been added to my expedition list.

The night was cold and breezy. There was fire lighted-up and we all sat around, close to it. We were not the only gang in that JungleLodge, there were other visitors as well, but all paired-ones. The surrounding was illuminated in a meagre brightness from the fireplace. The sky was dense with stars. There were sounds of people gaging and teasing. Damn! Would be perfect for a honeymoon vacation.

Ok. Then was food for the night. The dinner was perfect along with the gulab-jamoon. We all accumulated in one cottage to chit-chat. We mastigated and chewed a lot of things relating to the workplace. The time was 11:30pm. We halted to sleep for not having anything more to grind.

The wake-up call came at 6:00am, the next day. We prepared ourselves for the climb. It was a 2 and 12 hour trek. Initially, we walked through a plain and then the hilly region came in. We climbed quite fast and we were at the top of it. The wind was wet and had a considerable velocity. The forestman who took us through the way, had a double-barreled gun and was gazing the forest in a binocular. We sat there for quite sometime. The gunman, all of sudden pointed his fingers towards the forest. He had found a herd of Pachyderms, grazing down the hill. We all except Jon had a good glimpse of them. He couldn’t find them even using the binoculars. We had a hard time in helping him to spot them. The sun showed up hot and bright. We climbed down for the breakfast. We had to check-out at 11:00am. And we did that.

On the wasy back to B’lore, we stopped at Nanjankund. There is a Temple of Lord Shiva. He happened to be the Family God for Chandru, one of our accomplice. I had to pay some rupees to get the prasadham, which I didn’t do. Then from there it was Ranganathittu. It is a bird sanctuary on on the banks of the Cauvery River. We got to see a couple of fresh water crocodiles. The birds were mostly of stork genus.

We again stopped at CafeDay during our return journey. It was crowded again. I told you, it is at a strategic location. People refreshed and spent some time relaxing. Then we zoomed into B’lore. The heavy-n-noisy traffic welcomed us back in the city.