Assorted Names

19.06.2007 in BackTrace

Creating mashup names is fun. Lemme remember what I have done with them.

Its my final year project, I did it in college. Its about a new way of data communication using sound. We took a lot of inspiration from the works a professor named John from Univ of Florida & his team. We implemented this at a data rate of < 5 kbps. Feeling very stupid about it, now.

Supposed to be the name of my creative media company. Did a lot of stuff with Photoshop & Flash, again in college. Sprouted because I loved that thing. Had even a catch-line, “Green out of Blue”. :) Does it suck?

Named something with a lot of hopes that it’ll help & better my life. Later, it turned out to be a BitterButter. The butter just melted away. But the bitterness stays.

Spike is my wannabe nick name. And the sparkles here just adds glamour to it. :)

This was my kinda brand which lost its branding now.

My 1st blog had this name. Its about screaming & casting.

Another blog, I started to save my daily activities. One can pin point what I did at a particular day of a week. If I could re-run my life in Debug mode, TracePoint would be its possible output. Now its gone, untraced.

Some digital electronics. Some embedded software. Something to Save & Store. Now its all empty.

Sort of a personal wiki. The pumpset isn’t functional yet.

A knowledge reserve to reap big bucks. The knowledge here is just like a few molecules of sand from the shore, I hold it in my hand.

On a not-so-related note, when I was in school, my uncle had his 1st child, a boy. He came & asked me about a name, he could give his son. That time, I had two Sathish-s in my class & they both were my friends. I smiled at my uncle & said, “Sathish”. Now the boy is “Sathis”. Hey, the missing “h” got into my name. >:O)

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