American Trash

07.10.2006 in WriteThings

I have a few observations in relation to this:
- People here keep eating something or the other. I could see people waiting in the Airport lounges with StarBucks cups or wrapped HamBurgers or cookies or HotDog sandwiches. Chicago’s O’Hare airport sells 2M HotDogs every year. Thats 5480 HotDogs a day. And this is “just” HotDogs. Tell me why would anybody who’s in an AirPort would want to eat? Every eatable comes with its own trash. - All corporations have all sorts vending machines in their campuses. Machines that stock cookies, drinks, chocolates & water. More the people eat, more the trash. - The toilets here are “Dry”. There is water just to flush the basin but not to clean-up your own dirt. So people use reams & reams of toilet paper to wipe-out the last remains. You have problems even when you “just” pee. There aren’t hand driers. Again paper comes in your way. - Every damn thing is packed. The wooden spoon which is given when you buy a icecream is packed. Even a pinch of salt & pepper is well packed. - When you buy a sandwich they give so many tissue papers that you can keep for other uses. Would atleast last for a week. - Also, the people who get their food parcelled outnumber people who sit & eat. - I’m In my hotel dining hall, all plates, cups & bowls are made out of disposable plastic. Even the kinfe knife & fork are in plastic.

Trash those Trash. Crush & Curb, or you’ll Crash!

Update #0: Corrected spell & sentence errors.