Amazon & Schizoid

02.11.2007 in BumpedUpon

For the best online shopping experience & excellent customer support, I recommend Amazon.

Have one of the incidences to share with. After buying a few things from Amazon, I realized that shipping eats a lot of money. So, I signed up for Amazon Prime membership. Its a subscription to get free shipping for the orders you make at Amazon. I did it for 2 reasons:
- The things, I wanted to buy costed less than 25 USD & the shipping cost would be substantial like 5~6 USD. - I didn’t want to wait & buy 23 items in groups to save on shipping. If I wanted something, I should be able to order it without considering the cost to ship it.

The subscription fee is about 80 USD/yr & the 1st year is free. I signed-up an year before, accepting to pay up the cost from the 2nd year onwards. Just a month back, my free time got expired & my card was charged. I was tad worried, as I haven’t made use of the service at all. I realized my mistake & went to cancel the subscription from the next year onwards. But just as a side-thought, I sent a help request, saying that I didn’t avail the service & wanted to revert the amount. In a matter of 30 minutes, I get an email saying that my subscription is canceled & a request has been placed to revert the money. Guess what, the email was signed by some Indian name. Should be from a BPO centre here. :) In a couple of weeks, my card gets loaded with the pending currency. :)

I have been hooked to for a 2 weeks or so. They stream some non-invasive instrumental music, which allows you to stay energized all thro’ your work. Something at 128 kbps & with absolutely no ads is too much of a gratis. Basically, there are 2 channels, one can tune to; viz: Psytrance & Chillout. I hear Chillout for 80% of the time.

I donno, somehow, I don’t like Rock, Heavy metal & Hip-Hop. Jazz & Trance are my picks. Do hear & play your comments. :)

Have a great weekend.