Airshow, LCA & DogBite

12.02.2007 in BackTrace

We hurried in an Autorickshaw to Madiwala. From there, we had to catch a bus towards Majestic. And to Yelahanka Airfield, from there. Yep! We were headed to the “Bangalore Airshow”. The Bus from Majestic to Yelahanka is a Volvo, had AirConditioning & the fare is 45 INR. We were the 1st ones to go standing. Later a good number of people joined to travel, standing with us. The Volvo was good except for the fact that it kept proved inertia & had a standing class for the same price of travel.

The journey to Yelahanka was really long. The traffic was intensive due to the weekend moods & the curiousness of Bangalore folks with Planes. We have to be very happy for Bangalore for not housing any Navy establisment. Otherwise for any display of Navy kind, there would be again an incidence of Traffic congestion. Moreover, there needs to be high-seas for such Navy shows, which would be done on artifical lakes. The water for such lakes would eventually be sucked from Cauvery. Praise the Lord! The farmers from Lower Karnataka & Tamilnadu Delta are gifted in some sense.

As we walked on the road; in search of our entry gate, there were people to the sides looking as if they had doubts with the saying, “The Sky is the Limit!“. Hmm, they are these unfortunate people with less of excessive money enjoying the acrobatics of MIGs & SUKHOIs. We weren’t enjoying like them, we were ticketless & searching for a booth to get one. Heard that there was one of the counters deep inside the AirField premises & the way to it is not a straight line. Looks like the road planners are from a space agency & took inspirations from the Path of a Space Shuttle. Merry! We went around.

There was difference in the type of jets that participate in the morning & evening shows. We went for the morning show, saw some maneuvers from outside the compound, paid for the tickets, & watched the evening show from the venue. So, in total, we witnessed almost all kinda planes including a LCA.

I have some personal grudge with the LCA, from some 2 years before. Not because, its supposedly engine is named Cauvery. Its because it got involved in a DogBite instead of a DogFight. This LCA, when I was in Bangalore & during one of its TestRuns, came very close to a Residential settlement. I was there in a tiny pathway, going with my roomies for Lunch. This plane was low in altitude & high in speed. A loud thunderous noise came in, all of a sudden.

We were looking up to find on what this noise is all about. A dog, inside some house, felt greatly annoyed & agitated by this sound. It ran straight to me, held my leg around the knees & gave an ardent bite. Damn! Nobody noticed. The dog, however, didn’t pull any flesh out but made sure that its tooth-impression is the deepest! It appeared as if the Dog was brushing-up its biting skills with my leg. As soon as the LCA past us, the dog disappeared leaving no footmarks but a bitemark. Bull! Should I need a sniffer dog to track down its hideout? Bow bow!