5 More years to become a PM

05.08.2005 in BackTrace

The day today marks the 3rd anniversary of my stay at office. Its been 3 good years working with loads-n-loads of fun and learning. So far, the company where I work, has taken care well in all respective ways. Yup, the going was good till now.

To celebrate this auspicious day, we took a half-a-day off from work and went out. We tried our lunch at a new mall opened near B’lore Central. You know? B’lore is about hosting lot many such Malls. This particular mall has 5 screens. And malls having theatres in them is also catching up. It was called iNox and they were inagurating today. Ours was 4:50pm show for Stealth.

This movie is worth watching if you really get amused with flying objects. It has got lot of supersonic sounds and maneuvers. Not many ppl would like. Another saddest part is the Heroine, is a stunt woman and the Hero hardly cares about her.

Hmm the day went well. Last year we spent like this. Yeah heee 5 more years. But my interests are slowly shifting from becoming a PM. Did I aspire to become one? More abt it later.

*Update:* PM - Project/Program Manager