3 Years & Blogging

19.03.2007 in BackTrace

thrattle turns three!

Hah! thrattle turned 3 a few days back & I didn’t mind! How irresponsible a daddy can be? Nevertheless, we shall party today. >:O)

Before we start, with your permission, lemme do some talking:
- Bookmarking hasn’t been the trend, in the time, I [started off][] with blogging. I thought, that I would log about things I come across in the Internet. Predominantly, for reference & future use. - Internet is an exciting place to hangout & we would continue to lose our track. Jotting down that’s important & my thoughts about it, felt necessary. - This blog got moved from blogspot.com to weblogs.us & finally to wordpress.com. Also, got renamed to thrattle after being a ScreamCast, for a while. - I lost interest after the initial 9 months of Blogging. Then cranked up again. - Had no intentions of blogging about my personal life, although it happened. - There were no serious commenters, until Nirek came in! Thanks buddy, now this blog is a part of a Blogosphere. - I keep reading my older posts & get amused about it. I guess, thats why I blog & thats the motivation. - Recently, I tried to stay away from thrattle, but failed. No miseries, but! - Experimented with some story writing, with inspiration, I took from Marutham. - Ponnarasi, started the Tagging phenomenon & that is more or less self-introspection. - Isn’t it, Anonymous blogging is cowardice, what say? - Wrote 255 articles/posts starting from March 2004. And this is fair enough. - Blogging is an activity & I feel, doing such an activity in a group has much more galore & fun.

Okies. After looking back a while, its like, WoW. >:O) Huhh! I have a good presence in the Internet & man… Google recognizes me. >:O)

Like I said to Aparna:
> Well! Blogwold is an ecosystem. You thrive, I thrive. ) Keep > going.

So, 3 Cheers to Everyone! I love you, your posts & ofcourse your comments. >:O) Thanks a ton, for your presence at thrattle.

ps: Don’t stare too much on that ice-cream. :) Might melt-off! Its all yours! After all, this place is all about “provocation” & “disturbance”. Enjoy yourself! >:O)

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