1two3ty1 Tips

28.09.2007 in ExtraPeriment

1two3ty1 is getting closer & I’m really excited about it. Have a few tips to share:
- Don’t be smart & keep all the images ready before a week. This isn’t fun. - Plan atleast 2 days in advance & take shots of atleast 3 upcoming numbers. - Never miss opportunities to take shots & preserve them, when you come across some odd numbers like 17, 29, etc. - Take your camera always with you. Kodak Moments won’t recur.

- Get close enough to the subjects. - Let there be only one number that is of importance in the shot. - In case there are many numbers, make sure the number in importance is at prominence; maybe by positioning it at the center or giving it a correct focus. - Get un-blurred & non-shaky shots. A tripod would be handy. - In cases of no tripods, make sure to have the camera rested on a firm support, by tying/placing/hanging from it. - Shots taken outdoor would be enticing. Specially, when taken during times, the Sun being near the horizon. - Try to avoid using the “auto” mode of your camera. Experiment with the various options available. - Take angular shots instead of the regular perpendicularly frontal shots. - A different orientation of the camera other than the usual straight-horizontal or the straight-vertical would also do some tricks.

- Crop the image to trim the unwanted areas - If required do sharpen, adjust contrast/brightness. Picasa can do such. - Do not submit, large pictures. Scale it to 320x240 or 640x480. These sizes would be sufficient. - Write a good description of the photo itself. Try out a diff styles of writing. Start with a quote or a conversation or a puzzle the reader with indirect descriptions of the object. Try your way.

Have a tip/trick to share? Do comment or write at your blog.

Happy 1231ing!