1Gig e-mail space?

01.04.2004 in BackTrace , BumpedUpon

1GB of email space? Yeah I’m not fooling you on a April 1st day Press release. You need not want delete your unwanted/read mails, can store them to a Trash folder. They are lot more bulky than ur Inbox. Sounds crazy? Read on. Google doesn’t leave their search technologies. It can search in ur email folders for the mail you got some 5 years ago. Not a joke. I just checked my outlook .pst file it weighs 866.12 MB, after nearly 11 months of usage. All these are from my exchange server and most will be file attachments rather mails as such. You can probly need not check ur mail account too frequently. There is no fear of overflowing. Ya ofcourse If I send a mail seeking for some help, Youl may reply me after some 6 months. You can be content with your subscription and not with the benefits it offers. When are you going to Fully utilize that gaint space? Who is going to send so many mails? Do u need a 5 yr old e-mail? Who cares? I suppose that this news creates a lot of hype among free e-mail users. Google keeps-up its tempo and continues to impress this world. Btw it had also registered the gmail.com domain. When queried ‘whois’, got these results:
Created on: 1995-Aug-13.
Expires on.: 2006-Aug-12.
Registrant: Google Inc. 2400 E. Bayshore Pkwy Mountain View, CA, 94043 US.
Get urself amazed about the created date!