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PyPy is an implementation of the Python programming language written in Python itself.

Isn’t it confusing? Its like explaining what English is, in English. Sounds simple but difficult to comprehend. :(

News this Week

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Movies, I saw, this week:
- An Inconvenient Truth: Mentions AndhraPradesh to have reached 50 degree celsius in the summer of 2005. I’m hoping for a 54 degree celsius this time. - Babel: Won Oscar for Original Score. Although, I didn’t find it to be impressive enough. - Little Miss Sunshine: Its about participation & having fun & not about winning. Said as winner’s traits. - Happy Feet: I don’t speak Penguin & my foot is intact! :) Its the best animated film at the Oscars.

Surprised to see a woman holding a MobilePhone. She sells Balloons at a Traffic Signal near the CyberTowers in Cyberabad.

“Men are like Test-Tubes. Experiment with it & wash it” - as said by TOI about Women’s opinion on Men. A very apt metaphor. :)

Predicted India’s Demise at the WorldCup! Two more predictions are on the cards. >:O)

Nitesh was wondering:
> What the speed of Darkness would be?

The answer is:
Speed of Darkness = Speed of Light

Particle physics, helps us to really understand this. We shall assume the existence of an elementary particle called Darkon, to represent darkness. A Darkon as such has no mass & doesn’t travel, hence doesn’t exhibit no electromagnetic symptoms. Its nothing but an antiparticle of a Photon.

Darkness is driven by Light. Which means, a Photon hits a Darkon with the speed of light & drives it out. By applying, The Law of Collisions, we know that the speeds of the particles will be exchanged, as there is Conservation of Momentums. Therefore, a Darkon gains the speed of light & hurries out of the place. Hence the answer.

You might wonder what happens to the Photon, which became stationary? This explains why the intensity of Reflected Light is not always as that of the source.

Any Questions? >:O)

Update #0: After seeing the pic above, a thought just sparked. There is always a Darkon for every Photon & not viceversa. State the reason (take it as an Exercise!).

thrattle turns three!

Hah! thrattle turned 3 a few days back & I didn’t mind! How irresponsible a daddy can be? Nevertheless, we shall party today. >:O)

Before we start, with your permission, lemme do some talking:
- Bookmarking hasn’t been the trend, in the time, I [started off][] with blogging. I thought, that I would log about things I come across in the Internet. Predominantly, for reference & future use. - Internet is an exciting place to hangout & we would continue to lose our track. Jotting down that’s important & my thoughts about it, felt necessary. - This blog got moved from to & finally to Also, got renamed to thrattle after being a ScreamCast, for a while. - I lost interest after the initial 9 months of Blogging. Then cranked up again. - Had no intentions of blogging about my personal life, although it happened. - There were no serious commenters, until Nirek came in! Thanks buddy, now this blog is a part of a Blogosphere. - I keep reading my older posts & get amused about it. I guess, thats why I blog & thats the motivation. - Recently, I tried to stay away from thrattle, but failed. No miseries, but! - Experimented with some story writing, with inspiration, I took from Marutham. - Ponnarasi, started the Tagging phenomenon & that is more or less self-introspection. - Isn’t it, Anonymous blogging is cowardice, what say? - Wrote 255 articles/posts starting from March 2004. And this is fair enough. - Blogging is an activity & I feel, doing such an activity in a group has much more galore & fun.

Okies. After looking back a while, its like, WoW. >:O) Huhh! I have a good presence in the Internet & man… Google recognizes me. >:O)

Like I said to Aparna:
> Well! Blogwold is an ecosystem. You thrive, I thrive. ) Keep > going.

So, 3 Cheers to Everyone! I love you, your posts & ofcourse your comments. >:O) Thanks a ton, for your presence at thrattle.

ps: Don’t stare too much on that ice-cream. :) Might melt-off! Its all yours! After all, this place is all about “provocation” & “disturbance”. Enjoy yourself! >:O)

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All our machines got switched off, as the power went off. When it came back, an email waited in my inbox to read:
> Hi All,
> 5th Floor UPS power has been restored and is back to normal. You can > switch on the machines now.
> Regards,
> (IT Admin)

Bloody you…

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Born out of the discussion happened over here: Free Messaging.

Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous & cheap. Even a common man relies on this wonder device for this bread. So, how to make use of this gadget & the “always on” Mobile network to our comforts?

Read about this in Paper:

There is a village in Andhra where farmers use missed calls to switch on their pumpsets. Its really important to water their fields in the early hours & at late nights. The farmer need not go the well, which might be in the middle of the field & might avoid getting bites from serpents & other creatures.

Typical Requirements:
- A dismantled cellphone. - A Charger. - Extra circuitry to glue the celphone & the waterpump. - A SIM - A Call plan for the cellphone.

Our focus here is abt the last point. So the welcoming move should come from the Telecom Service providers who are willing to provide connectivity for sensors/devices like this. There can be “special” post/pre paid plans which are valid say for years & the cost of it should just bare the cost of the SIMs. I’m taking about plans of around Rs. 100 per year. As the whole thing works with missed calls, there’ll not be any “actual” calls made. There is no spending for customer care. Might be a boon for cellular companies for identifying altogether a new revenue channel. >:O)

Another is the charger, which has to be a solar device, which powers the cellphone. The power requirements will be to the least, as the there will not be any display. The cellphone has to just keep tabs with the network.

  • Missed Call: Something, that only a miss can make. (Guys never do this!)
  • Wedding: An eligibility for a realization, that keeping rings with oneself & not exchanging, is wise.
  • Phone call: A Deaf man’s urge to talk to a Dumb Mute man, thinking the reply would come via SMS.
  • Communication Failure: A Blind man’s attempt to talk to a Dumb Mute man.
  • KeyBoard: A place for so many keys, for which there are only three locks. (more)
  • Cigarette Smoke: An advertisement for something that is really burning from inside.

Asked this to my fellas, somedays before:
> Reply me with 2 English words that come to your mind. Let it be nouns > or verb variations. But no names.
> Please do it right now. This is NOT to test your intelligence. >:O)

They came up with:
> Thangu: Good Luck
> Mak: Mind Freak
> Gans: I Will
> Gullu: Said Nothing (he actually said nothing >:O))

I mashed-it-up to be a sentence:
> “Good. Freak, luck will mind nothing!”, I said!

Makes sense? >:O)

[Part 1]

Our Guy checks his watch, it reads 11:35 am. “Jeez! Its just 10 minutes of Technical interview?” Exclaims to himself & goes near the receptionist. The paint hasn’t faded & was still glistening.

“I need to register for the HR interview”, he said.
Putting the phone down, “Pardon me!” the girl expressed her disinterest.

“Do you have any idea on why the HR interview is in the afternoon?” Our Guy questioned thinking on whats he gonna to do until after the lunch. The interview for him is scheduled at 2:30 pm & he is the 1st in the list.

“HR mam had gone to her daughter’s school. The kid is participating in a fancy dress competition!” said the receptionist with a glee on her face. I knew, she is “Yuck!” when she smiles; Our Guy doesn’t knowt that.

Not knowing what to do, he went to a near by park. Then started to count the number of people who trip on the puddle. It had rained last night & its damn funny to see people loose their balance & fall. The children who just walk over, the oldies who pitches every step with lot of thinking & still gets defeated, a few guys who ogle at the passing girls & slip… He counted 16 & then got bored of it.

“Well its time”, someone said from within, which made him to turn to the office building. Just like anyother software company permises, this one too had glassy outer walls.

He entered in the interview room, to see a girl dressed-up like a macaca. He didn’t realize that she the kid of the HR. The lady in a saree introduced herself & the kid. He was seated just opposite to the kid having a monkey’s tail & some facial paints to mimic a monkey’s mouth. Nevertheless to say, whenever he made some statements, the kid made some monkey like expressions; scratching her head, showing off her teeth, widening her eyes with keen looks,… All got too much attention from Our Guy.

The realization of this being an interview, came for this question, “If necessity is the mother of all inventions, who will be its father?” This should be the most important HR question, & Our Guy took so much of time to answer.

“Mam! It should be the Husband of the Mother”, uttered quite confidently. The HR gave a sigh for it, while the kid was scratching all over her body.

“You know something? In US, the Husband of the Mother, need not necessarily be the father of their children. So, I can’t take your answer.” Telling this, the HR went out; probably to get some napkins. The kid was putting her tongue out & drooling.

“Noone is trying to make fun of me”, speaking to himself, he looked at the roof, as if to seek some help.

As soon as the HR entered the room, Our Guy intercepted to say, “Mam! I think, I have an answer!“. “We got to invent the Father. As the necessity to find him has just occurred.” He said this in total excitement, thinking that he had finally got it.

The HR wiping her kid’s nose said, “I’m done with your interview. Watch your email for any updates.”

Thanking the HR & giving an adieu to the kid, Our Guy leaves the room. Grumbling something, he nears the exit gate, only to be stopped by the security guard.

“Never worry son. These guys conduct interviews for nothing. They won’t induct people. They give advertisements in papers & do all such stunt, just to improve the brand image of the company!” says the guard.

“Ho! Thats the funda!”, remarked Our Guy.

The guard adds, “Do you want to leave your resume with me? My son is a software engineer!”

Our Guy goes speechless & sprints out of the place.

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