11.05.2007  in IntelliSparks

  • Coffee machines vending ice teas & tomato soups.
  • Printers which serve as scanners.
  • A girl with mustache shaved.
  • Land phones in a company that pioneered wireless technologies.
  • “Wow” campaign for Vista.
  • Paper cup with a plastic lid & a straw.

Random Truth

09.05.2007  in IntelliSparks

  • “Hel”mets are much useful when the Hell meets you.
  • Its “Pis”tol because you might pee when someone challenges you with it.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed. ie: its only necessity that drives friendship & nothing else.
  • Seeing a glass of water as “half-full” or “half-empty” is unimportant. “Will the water be enough to quench my thirst?”, should be the point of concern. - [#][]
  • Your partner is a virus. Adolescence is the vector. Love is a symptom. Marriage is the disease. Divorce is a temporary relief & not a remedy. Children is the immunity. Dependents is the suffering. Relatives is endemic. Life is the Treatment with mere pain killers. Death is the ultimate medicine.

Airplane mode

08.05.2007  in WriteThings

You have a music enabled mobile phone & you are on a long train/bus journey. You love to hear music on the go. But you rather, power-off the phone & slip it in your bag.

You do this because, you know that the battery will drain & you’ll end up with no connectivity, once you reach the destination.

[Airplane mode][] in your mobile can come to rescue. This mode turns off all the radio-communications & keeps the other phones features such as mediaplayer, camera, memos, etc active. Enabling the Airplane mode will make your phone radio-silent & makes it to save significant battery power by not constantly tracking the cell towers that come in your way. So an Airplane mode helps even your train/bus journey.

Don’t want people to disturb you? Don’t switch off your phone. Airplane mode is handy. When you don’t want to disturb others, kick in the Silent mode.

Ok. Now enjoy a few extra hours of music & dream about flying in air.

Update #0: Airplane Mode is available in most of the mobile phones. For instance, my[Motorola E398][] has it in MainMenu > Settings > AirplaneMode

White Signal

02.05.2007  in IdeaXtream

Like Aparna notes, Ambulances gets held-up in the traffic & fails to serve the emergency scenarios.

The casualty gets more worse if it happens in a city & that too during peak hours. Looks like an Emergency gets a trivial consideration by the inhumane fellow commuters. No it shouldn’t be!

What we need is a White signal in addition to Red, Green & Yellow to ease the emergency. On this signal, all traffic should steer themselves to the left, paving way for the flow of Ambulances, Rapid Action Forces, Fire Tenders, …

Here is how it should look like:

  • An added “+” on the signal adds courtesy & attention.
  • Notice the White gets the top slot, demanding priority.
  • The lamp should be sparkling bright in white.

In addition to modifying the signal,
- The public should be educated about the new “white signal” & the importance of respecting it. - An Emergency Co-ordinating team should be formed to facilitate emergency attention to be prompt. Members from Hospitals, Local administration, Police, & self-help groups could be a part of it. - The Traffic controllers should have a methods to control traffic lights from their offices. - Digitization of city maps & automating for shorter/fastest routes between places seems necessary.

Untrained things

01.05.2007  in BackTrace

2 things that intrigued me in a recent train journey:
- A slightly shabby man with a pair of worn-out rubber slippers & a raised dhoti (lungi) selling petty toys entered our coach in one of the stations. He had a long shoulder bag made out of cloth that had a print saying “Crorepati”. - The adjacent section of my compartment had a man with his baby. The baby drank something from a tumbler & spilled it upon himself. The father fastidiously cleaned the baby, changed its clothes & carried it to the toilet. When he passed me, I took a glimpse of his Tee. It read, “Great Dad 2006”.

Got a Dog Bite?

19.04.2007  in WriteThings

I’m writing this accounting the recent Dog Menace in Hyderabad. I read about:
- Dogs biting girls in a womens college & making the exams to be postponed. - A pack of dogs mauling a baby & succumbing to death. - A dog going in a biting spree & getting killed eventually.

So here we go! Things to do after a DogBite:
- Wash the wounded area with toilet soap. Wash it about 6 to 8 times. Use ample water & clean with your hand. - Take an energy drink such as a FruitJuice & prepare yourself for a vaccine dose. - Look for the dog & find out if it is stray or domestic. - Consult a general physician immediately.

Having myself experienced a DogBite, I feel all non-domesticated dogs are to be culled. We shall conserve them when the so called stray-dogs go extinct, until then, just keep killing them.

A few months ago, a female dog in our street gave birth to about 6 puppies. Out of which one came into our parking lot & died out of hunger. No one could adopt it because, the puppy lost all of its hair & the skin went scaly. Some skin disease, I guess. Its just a painful death.

This event can be applied for almost 50% of the stray-puppies that are born. Why allow to germinate first & then see it die? Sterilization can be effective in bringing down such incidences but there’ll be a long trailing tail. Hunt them. Jail them. Poison them. Have no mercy.

This season is summer & unlike winters & we’ll have dogs awake & wandering all thro’ the night. So take care.

Might be useful, if you happen to get locked-up in a lift (elevator):
- Do not panic. You are a about to experience an adventure, enjoy it! - Look for “Alarm” or “Call” buttons on the panel. If you find one, press it & stay calm.
- In case theres a “fan”, switch it on. - Tell yourself that a minute’s time is really a hour long & theres ample time to stay patient.
- The lift’s doors never have locks, try to open it from inside. Never worry if it doesn’t work out. - Sit down & talk to someone, if you have a mobile. - Generally, lifts block signals to your mobile. You can play a game or write some SMSes. - Viola! Surprisingly theres noone to disturb you, think about your future. - You can survive without food & water for atleast a day. Lie down & take a nap. - Keep tapping the walls, if its more than a day’s wait.
- Take care of yourself; Its only you who can.

Pronouncing Linux

16.04.2007  in BumpedUpon

Its not Lie-Nux (லைனக்சு) folks, its Li-Nux (லினக்சு)!

Hear it from Linus Torvalds himself:

via: All about Linux.

Viola! A projector on your phone!! Yep! [TI][] [demonstrates][] its latest [DLP tech][] for Mobile phones at the recent [CTIA Wireless convention][]. That was a technology demonstration & would soon reach our hands.

Photo by [TrustedReviews][].

If you wanna experience this DLP tech from TI, go watch a show at [Sathyam Theatres][], Chennai. Heard that their projectors employ DLP.

A few thoughts:
- Mobile television is catching up & with this tech breakthrough, you can possibly enjoy mobile broadcasts on bigger screens. Ofcourse, you need to bank near a wall for that. Beware, this mobile is gonna make you immobile. - Sales/Marketing managers could fancy themselves & flaunt before their potential customers. All deals would happen with dim lights & windows pulled down. - There’ll be crowding near the Walls. Local municipalities may get petitions to construct white-washed walls in all public places. - Every single person will have something to showoff. Our eyes may feel the strain. - The sale of LCD Televisions & Projectors will go down. Even that of PCs, as attaching a keyboard & a mouse to the phone & sitting near a Wall would give a PC’s experience. I don’t think the sales of search lights would be affected, as long as there is a good turnover of missing people. - Newer devices might surface, something like “DVD Players for Mobiles”, “Remote Chargers for Mobiles”,…

Keeping everything aside, I think, this is a great innovation towards making people to spend more. Every single device around you is considered for [an integration into your cell phone][]. Isn’t this nice?

I wish, these Handset/Chip companies get cues from “[The Matrix][]” & embed a [teleporting][] device into mobile phones. Should be easier to go directly & talk, rather than making a call! The Telecom Operators might fume about this & not endorse this device. However, might be a big hit in the market. Everybody will have this kinda cellphone, but there’ll be no signal! Hahaha! Way to go!

Hotlinked ImageI’m a lifeless idiot! #

In the celebration of a Valentines Day for Singles, he met she! #

Pressure shud be mounting 4 all who hav just startd to Love. Well! The Cupid Gods wud also be in pressure to make this Love sustainable! #

Seems like, I assume things a lot about people. I’m being scolded for that! Am I?? :( #

Like someone said, “Opinions are like ass-holes. Everyone has one!” Noone shud blame it. #

The market gets the news much before the media! Will this be true? Huuh! #

V = U & I + L >:O) #

Weekends come so fast & I grow older equally fast. Too bad!! #

When Men is to :{ , Women is to :} ! #

A World without Internet is like a Butterfly without a Fly! #

Google has blogs, email, groups, chat, photos, calendar, pages, code, videos, books, shopping, ads, news, sheets, maps… but wheres a wiki? #

A Geek’s marriage invitation will have embedded RFID tags. :D #

Further geekiness would be to have this RFID Tag on the maangalyam. >:O) Can easily find when his wife is lost!! #

There is so much talent spread across this world & the internet just delivers all these at ur desk. Pretty good! #

All North Indian Girls are like North Poles, making Magnets like Men to turn their side!! #

Everthing goes “open”, like opensolaris, openGL, openmoko,… Will there be something like “openRanjhith”? :D #

Knowing C++ is really a Plus. Learning it. #

North Indian Girls are like North Poles, fit for a an excursion/expedition but not for settlement/inhabitation. :) #

South Indian Girls are like South Poles where there are so many Penguins (read it as PenQueens)!! >:O) #

Twitter will die out soon, if its only about publishing “What are you doing?” #

And finally:
> Guys, I hav decided to pull out of Twitter! What? Want me to stay? > Then, gimme a reason!! >:O) #

Those where the updates from here. I turned Twitter down & from now on, my mobi would have some spare space. :)