Color Quiz

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BLUE You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

I could never even imagine that I’m associated with Blue. :(

Update #0: Score: 0/2. This quiz is definitely busted. See Roopa’s comment.

  • How can a theist protect his/her privacy?
  • Someone worked to define rest as change of work. The rest of the work by others just change the definition.
  • A Humming Bird finds its food from the Spider Webs. Makes me think how spiders are so music savvy!
  • Theres no reason why we shouldn’t write “eavesdropping” as “evesdropping”.
  • Friends are temporary, your relatives aren’t.

Refresh with me

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Lemme freshen you up with some updates:
- “Thinking Blogger Award” from Nithya & Nirek. Details here & there. Thanks gals fellas. :) - Got myself a Dell Inspiron 1520. Its Ruby Red, fat & ugly. - Currently in love with Georgia. A year before it was her. - Movie watching didn’t subside. ParuthiVeeran was good. - There is no man in this world without being tormented by a woman. I saw it & I continue to see it. - People get reminded of a comedian/child catcher/villan when they see me. Their thoughts needs refinement. - Comedy can be more entertaining when people grow it by questioning/commenting/giving examples/relating with unrelated things. Basically, by dragging it. - My mom called me up & warned me about the on coming 7 & half year war with Mr. Saturn. I need fairness creams, the ravens here are scary. - Girls never disappoint me. They keep repeatedly proving this. - Finally, Contestipate is ready to serve with no constipation. Tipping is most welcome. >:O)

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Steve Jobs to Wall Street Journal:
> “When we looked at 3G, the chipsets are not quite mature, in the sense > that they’re not low-enough power for what we were looking for. They > were not integrated enough, so they took up too much physical space. > We cared a lot about battery life and we cared a lot about physical > size. Down the road, I’m sure some of those tradeoffs will become more > favorable towards 3G but as of now we think we made a pretty good > doggone decision.” more.

- Jobs has concerns about the connection speeds with GSM networks & feels that can be better. Ripping off the iPhone, one can see the Radio circuitry is being implemented on a separate daughter card. This makes easy for the iPhone’s evolution interms of mobile networks. - Unlike to my belief, the storage comes as a Flash & not as a magnetic disk. - Apple’s business is Samsung’s business. Atleast 2 chips from Samsung Semiconductor has gone into the phone; the app processor & the storage media. Could be more. - This guy has 128MB of SDRAM & a 650 MHz CPU. - Although there isn’t any mention about 3D graphics hardware, there is something sneaking inside. - The total cost of build material is about 250 USD for a 8GB model. However its sold at 599 USD.

Disclaimer: All info in this post has influences from various iPhone resources, I have some across.

The Big America

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Every bloody thing in America is bigger than the sizes I’m used to.

Roads: No explanations.

Direction Sign Boards: They are so big & very clean with big letters.

Traffic Speeds: People in freeways travel here at big speeds; the near max would be 120 mph. Yep, you got it! Thats 193.12128 kmph.

Trucks: They are really huge & travel at about 65 mph. The only things that’ll scare you on roads.

Parking Space: Everyone owns a 4 wheeler & to make them come to your shop, you gotto to offer a space for their vehicles. The parking spaces spans acres of land even when the shop is just about 50x50 feet.

Days: They are longer too. Theres daylight even at 8:30pm in the place I live. The sun gets up early by 5 am.

Moon: Some 2 weeks back, we had a full moon. You won’t believe, the moon here is about 20% larger than what I had seen. Did they do something to the Moon when Apollo landed? Weird.

Crows: Its very uncommon. Even if you spot one, you’ll see the difference. Its the all-black (is it male?) one in a XXL size. Its the Raven here.

Living Spaces: They are never cramped. And the communities are very spacious.

Burgers: When I buy them, I specially instruct to cut into two halves. One enough for the lunch & other for the dinner.

I’m just thinking, does India have anything majestic/adorable/to-be-proud-of apart from what our ancient kings had built?

Update #0:
Tomatoes: They are like apples. You know how the onions & potatoes will be. Yes they are. :)

People: Both the White & Black are huge.

Land Spread: Should be the only country to have more than 4 time zones. Keep aside the confusions because of it.

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Assorted Names

19.06.2007  in BackTrace

Creating mashup names is fun. Lemme remember what I have done with them.

Its my final year project, I did it in college. Its about a new way of data communication using sound. We took a lot of inspiration from the works a professor named John from Univ of Florida & his team. We implemented this at a data rate of < 5 kbps. Feeling very stupid about it, now.

Supposed to be the name of my creative media company. Did a lot of stuff with Photoshop & Flash, again in college. Sprouted because I loved that thing. Had even a catch-line, “Green out of Blue”. :) Does it suck?

Named something with a lot of hopes that it’ll help & better my life. Later, it turned out to be a BitterButter. The butter just melted away. But the bitterness stays.

Spike is my wannabe nick name. And the sparkles here just adds glamour to it. :)

This was my kinda brand which lost its branding now.

My 1st blog had this name. Its about screaming & casting.

Another blog, I started to save my daily activities. One can pin point what I did at a particular day of a week. If I could re-run my life in Debug mode, TracePoint would be its possible output. Now its gone, untraced.

Some digital electronics. Some embedded software. Something to Save & Store. Now its all empty.

Sort of a personal wiki. The pumpset isn’t functional yet.

A knowledge reserve to reap big bucks. The knowledge here is just like a few molecules of sand from the shore, I hold it in my hand.

On a not-so-related note, when I was in school, my uncle had his 1st child, a boy. He came & asked me about a name, he could give his son. That time, I had two Sathish-s in my class & they both were my friends. I smiled at my uncle & said, “Sathish”. Now the boy is “Sathis”. Hey, the missing “h” got into my name. >:O)

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Hope you guys are doing great. Last weekend was so lonely that I had no mercy in seeing movies. Yep. Sort of a weekend movie marathon. I think, I watched these:
- Big Mama’s House - Slither - Unnale Unnale - Chennai 28 - The Birds - Crank - Swingers - The Black Dhalia - Vertigo - Some ARR Videos in YouTube. - A few Home Videos.

Looking forward for the next weekend. >:O)

Update #0: Left out 2 other movies in the above list:

* This one is a little grouse movie. A happy living couple being tormented by an Alien incidence. The husband tries out a larger-than-life caterpillar in his garden. It in turn, throws up a stent like object which gets imparted on to the guy’s brain. After which he gains lot of liking towards meat. He gets infinitely hungry all the time, for meat & flesh. So, eats off the cows, dogs & kittens found in the locality. He also affects the people in the neighborhood by injecting some sort of yucky solution, making them hungry as well. A sick movie, in total & I don’t even remember its name. >:O)

* The other one was Mozhi. Archana was right in her thoughts. Nope. Not about the children stuff. But about her inability to appreciate music, very unfit for a musician’s wife. Karthik gets blind with love & goes behind a dumb mute/deaf girl. Meanwhile, Viji made the full use of the opportunity & marries Sheela. The matches were like a Test match & a One day match; but the game is very much the same!

Update #1: dumb/deaf -> mute/deaf. reason is here. Thanks Sen.

Update #2: In the middle of the night, i get this faint thought of the movie, I missed out. Its the Next.

Nicolas Cage stars as a Magician & helps out to track down a nuclear attack. He sees future upto 2 mins. Good one.

Ho Man! How cud I miss this? The irony is, I forgot something happened in the Past about the movie Next. :)

Salty Sugar

25.05.2007  in IntelliSparks

“Sugar Free” things will be Sweet, actually. Just like this.
“Salt less” things are really Tasteless. Just like this.

In a haphazard order:
- BCCed Emails. - Chatting with people who stay invisible.
- Quoting articles without proper attribution. - Blogs without contact info. - Replying to a thread with the subject edited.
-’s commenting system.
- Anonymous Blogging. - Girls having the pics of actresses in their Orkut profiles. - Littering in Public places.
- Cross commenting. - Emotional blackmail. - Blog posts running in pages. - Passive smoking.

Do we have something in common? Do let me know. :)

SpiderMan 3

14.05.2007  in WriteThings

[SpiderMan][] is my favourite super hero, nevertheless, the 3rd in the sequel is real sad.

A few goof ups:
- Spidey loves to percolate tears. - The super-hero fails to save himself. - MJ looses herself to the bad guy. :P - No mind boggling stunts. - All three Villans are meek & they subdue themselves. - Parker’s & MJ’s trademark lip lock gets imitated with someone. - The story line is full of stories.

Its better to save some time & clear the spider webs in your house, than watching the movie.