Mobile phones

08.10.2007  in BackTrace

Mobile phones are remarkable & is a part of life. Have a few incidences

to share.

Saw a woman in an IT park here. She was squatting with her mobilephone in speakerphone mode, talking to someone & cleaning up the mud. She is the woman who scratches & sweeps the sand from the roads.

You know what mobile she had? Darn it is a Nokia 3230. She is no more a lone worker.

Read out from a newspaper, that a girl attempted to kill herself when her dad refused to give her mony to change her mobile phone. How silly it can be? Even a guy from the lowest of the middle classes, wants to change his mobile in a year’s time. I guess, its an issue of prestige & not desire.

The other day, I was talking to my colleague about the new trend in embedded OSes. That there is a lot traction for OSes for automobiles. But he refused that the going won’t be good as Automobile markets are for 1st buyers. Considering the number of people who can afford to buy & the number of used ones, the markets aren’t lucarative. Are you in mobile space? You are in business. :)

Have good times. >:O)

Music Commons

03.10.2007  in FunFrolic

Whats common across all these songs that I like about?
- *Rakkama kaiya thattu* from Thalapathi. - *Pathala Pathala* from Virumbukiren. - *Thee Thee* from Thiruda Thiruda. - *Maya Maya* from Baba.

Will update with an answer by Friday. Meanwhile, why don’t you take a guess? :)

Update #0: In all these, the male voice starts the track in a faster pace. Somewhere down the lane, a female voice takes over in a slow & vivid manner for a few seconds. I think this is uncanny & hence gets my ear. :) Enjoy.

1two3ty1 Tips

28.09.2007  in ExtraPeriment

1two3ty1 is getting closer & I’m really excited about it. Have a few tips to share:
- Don’t be smart & keep all the images ready before a week. This isn’t fun. - Plan atleast 2 days in advance & take shots of atleast 3 upcoming numbers. - Never miss opportunities to take shots & preserve them, when you come across some odd numbers like 17, 29, etc. - Take your camera always with you. Kodak Moments won’t recur.

- Get close enough to the subjects. - Let there be only one number that is of importance in the shot. - In case there are many numbers, make sure the number in importance is at prominence; maybe by positioning it at the center or giving it a correct focus. - Get un-blurred & non-shaky shots. A tripod would be handy. - In cases of no tripods, make sure to have the camera rested on a firm support, by tying/placing/hanging from it. - Shots taken outdoor would be enticing. Specially, when taken during times, the Sun being near the horizon. - Try to avoid using the “auto” mode of your camera. Experiment with the various options available. - Take angular shots instead of the regular perpendicularly frontal shots. - A different orientation of the camera other than the usual straight-horizontal or the straight-vertical would also do some tricks.

- Crop the image to trim the unwanted areas - If required do sharpen, adjust contrast/brightness. Picasa can do such. - Do not submit, large pictures. Scale it to 320x240 or 640x480. These sizes would be sufficient. - Write a good description of the photo itself. Try out a diff styles of writing. Start with a quote or a conversation or a puzzle the reader with indirect descriptions of the object. Try your way.

Have a tip/trick to share? Do comment or write at your blog.

Happy 1231ing!

1two3ty1 is to guarantee fun with participation. One shouldn’t feel to be lost just because of the restrictions this challenge poses. Have a couple of feedbacks.

Siva says:
> Btw, Why just home? Why not outside also… This opens up a great > amount of options…!!!!!!

Very true. This home restriction is for the availability. Going out & taking shots would eatup some time. Taking cues, people might complain about it for their busy schedules & never want to participate. This is just a trap. :) However, this seems to hinder enthusiasm & some extra fun. So we shall change our rules. :)

Sravan came up this morning & said that he could see some 6 numbers in his nail cutter. He wonders whether these patterns which resemble numbers can be submitted? Why not? If one cannot find a number, a proxy entry shall be submitted. :) Who knows? To someone’s eye, a pencil can represent a 10. This’ll foster creativity & its all for fun. :)

By the way, my never ending search for number *17* ends here with the change in the guideline. :)

Do you want to change something? Just let me know. :) Happy Clicking!


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1two3ty1 is a challenge about photographing numbers & posting them online.

The inspiration for this event came out after watching the movie, *The Number 23*. The numbers in our life does matter a lot. Watch the trailer here:

Also, note the coincidence of our 2 major incidences:
- Indian Ocean Tsunami, December 26, 2004: 1+2 + 2+6 + 2+4 = 8 - Mumbai Train Bombings, July 11, 2006: 7 + 1+1 + 2+6 = 8.

Another reason is the advt of *Principal Mutual Fund* that is on TV these days; showing all numbers with a message like *Life is about Numbers*.

Its all set to click. Pull in your friends. Zoom in [here][image]. Say no *cheese*, but. :)


How can *nothing* be pronounced in the context of professions? Here is how, as:
- Zerothing by Mathematicians.
- Cleanthing by Physicians. - Voidthing by Software Programmers. - Vacuumthing by Physicists.
- Deadthing by Mortuary Keepers. - Spacething by Astronomers. - Emptything by Trash Collectors. - Silencething by Sound Engineers.

  • Nilthing by Financial Consultants.

Do you have a thing? >:O)

  • The Wave came first or its the Ship that moved first?
  • The Pain came first or its the Tooth that got pulled first?
  • You applied the Cream first or its your Hair that started to fall first?
  • The God came first or its the Man who came first?
  • The Lake formed first or its the Rain that came first?
  • The Light came first or its the Sight that came first?

>:O) thank you.

Word Play

10.09.2007  in IntelliSparks

  • She came front, said, “be right back” & left.
  • He went for a drink, drank & got drunk.
  • The Art of an Artist making an Art is an Art itself.
  • “Read it”, came the reply when someone ordered, “Read it”.
  • Intermission is a mission to interrupt a session.

more here. Let me know whether you liked it. Cheers. >:O)

Male Friends

08.09.2007  in FunFrolic

A boy & a girl fall in love, they get along for a year or so & they talk this:

Boy: I some how think you have too many male friends. You gotto cut down on this.
Girl: Are you sure? You are one of a kind among them!
Boy: ??#@!?
Girl: Thats better.

Speech Recognition

04.09.2007  in FunFrolic

This is an episode (snipped for brevity) of a Test engineer (TE) validating a new Speech Recognition Software (SRS):


TE: Menopause
SRS: Men no pass.
TE: :D
SRS: Ha! Ha! Ha!
(TE thinks a while, gets a complex test condition & utters …)
TE: Men no pass
SRS: Menopause.
TE: That was funny you dumb ass
SRS: You dumb ass.
(the grammar checker module finds a fault in the sentence & kicks in. the cursor turns into a sand clock & after a second, it prints…)
SRS: You are a dumb ass. (This text is auto corrected. Click here, if you think it is incorrect)
TE: You think you are smart
SRS: You think you are smart?
TE: ?@#?!!
SRS: Silence!

the testing goes on…

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