For the best online shopping experience & excellent customer support, I recommend Amazon.

Have one of the incidences to share with. After buying a few things from Amazon, I realized that shipping eats a lot of money. So, I signed up for Amazon Prime membership. Its a subscription to get free shipping for the orders you make at Amazon. I did it for 2 reasons:
- The things, I wanted to buy costed less than 25 USD & the shipping cost would be substantial like 5~6 USD. - I didn’t want to wait & buy 23 items in groups to save on shipping. If I wanted something, I should be able to order it without considering the cost to ship it.

The subscription fee is about 80 USD/yr & the 1st year is free. I signed-up an year before, accepting to pay up the cost from the 2nd year onwards. Just a month back, my free time got expired & my card was charged. I was tad worried, as I haven’t made use of the service at all. I realized my mistake & went to cancel the subscription from the next year onwards. But just as a side-thought, I sent a help request, saying that I didn’t avail the service & wanted to revert the amount. In a matter of 30 minutes, I get an email saying that my subscription is canceled & a request has been placed to revert the money. Guess what, the email was signed by some Indian name. Should be from a BPO centre here. :) In a couple of weeks, my card gets loaded with the pending currency. :)

I have been hooked to for a 2 weeks or so. They stream some non-invasive instrumental music, which allows you to stay energized all thro’ your work. Something at 128 kbps & with absolutely no ads is too much of a gratis. Basically, there are 2 channels, one can tune to; viz: Psytrance & Chillout. I hear Chillout for 80% of the time.

I donno, somehow, I don’t like Rock, Heavy metal & Hip-Hop. Jazz & Trance are my picks. Do hear & play your comments. :)

Have a great weekend.


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I’m truly excited on seeing Eye-Fi. Its a SD card with an in-built WiFi. Which means it can automatically upload pictures from your digial camera to your computer, as soon as you bring it into your home network. It can even push those pictures to your favorite photo-sharing/printing/blogging/social-networking site. May be even to a private backup site. No need of cables & no waits. Just a 5 minute long one-time-initial-system setup, is needed.

This is a wonderful extension, as this enables to WiFi any device you hold. Gone are the days where WiFi is just for networking your laptop.

I would like to see such a card for Phones which support expandable memory. This might be a little tricky, as in general, the slot sizes are for Micro SD cards. For older phones, how about adding WiFi into SIM cards? Will take a while for their WiFi circuits to scale down. May be, I can accept with some extension chords that can stick on to the casing of the device to WiFi it. Folks at ThinFone to ponder upon. :)

Photo Courtesy: Laughing Squid.

Time to Quote

24.10.2007  in IntelliSparks

  • Sleep: Thats for people who have got a lot of things to do in the dreams.
  • Crush: That has to go rust, unless you don’t rush.
  • Fate: A blame about the late realization of one’s inability to fair well.
  • Smell: An intimation from the smoke about the oncoming fire.
  • Marriage: A MOU to establish mass production facilities for the perpetuity of the Homo sapiens.
  • Restroom: A room for the public, but private for your rest & the remains.

Toyota Prius

22.10.2007  in WriteThings


Toyota Prius is truly a wonder machine. Sometime earlier, happened to take a short trip in that. The experience is just amazing, specially if you listen to know its features while you are traveling in it.

In case, you have done rides in cars thats available in India, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. It has a large color LCD display panel, which shows up average mileages & outside temperature, a virtual keypad to make calls via bluetooth, touch controls for in-car-entertainment, a GPS console & a screen for the camera kept to the back of the car, helps while parking. But, this is just an eye-candy.

The striking distinction from other cars is that it runs on hybrid technology, ie uses both gasoline & electricity to offer longer distances of travel for the same amount of fuel. More astonishing is to know that one need not plug-it-in to a power-outlet or recharge the batteries for its electricity needs. It has an internal power plant to generate its own electricity which ultimately runs the car. The poweplant is run during braking (Regenerative braking) & the generated electricity is stored in the batteries. This electricity is converted back to mechanical energy by the electric motor during rides along slopes where the required torque is significantly lower. An onboard computer manages this job.

Not just this, but 11 other techniques to make is more fuel efficient. Read on here. One flexibility thats missing in such a car is the ability to plug-it on your domestic power outlets to fuel your car. This makes it purely an electric toy, with the name Hybrid plug-ins.

RechargeIT is a geeky initiative from Google to plug a plug-in-hybrid into the power-grid of other similar vehicles. Thereby your neighbour’s car can power-up your car thro’ the grid & the grid can itself be fed with alternative-power sources such as a Wind mill or a Solar farm. Google’s fleet uses a bunch of Priuses, see one of them here.

The fuel efficiency of such plug-ins is about 29.076776750330250990752972258917 kilometers per litre of gasoline. Such a precision is to stress the fact that even a fraction can save a million litres.

All for good. When are these motorcycles (I mean the power packed ones) are gonna go electric or rather hybrid? Time to wait. :)

I always wanted a trash box near to my working table. We have one, but thats common for the whole house. Its big, dirty & smelly. I don’t want it to be near me, any day. Where do I put those chaffs of the peanuts, I munch when I’m watching an afternoon movie? The skin of an orange? How about some crumpled paper tissues? Or some torn paper after some scribbles? All I wanted is a personalized trash box. Here is how I constructed:

Take a carton box, like the one of an energy drink. Here, I have taken a box that came along with the mouse, I bought.

Cut-off the top-portion like in the picture. You can use a hacksaw.

In the portion you cut-off, trim-out a rectangular portion as traced by the red rectangle. This rectangular strip is to be sticked to the bottom of the box, from the inside. This is to give some base weight for stability.

Cover-up those rough edges with paper cuttings. You may also want to cover-up any bold names/images to avoid distractions. The yellow dots, here, shows my cover-ups. :)

And thats the end of it. For me, its been worth the effort. Keep it by the side of your worktable table, at home. Take it with you, wherever you sit to grind some grub. And more importantly, empty it once in a while.

If you create a one of this kind, do share its picture.


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An array of questions to trigger a chain of thoughts:
- What if the Honeymoon is for real, just like our *ordinary* moon? How will it look like? Will it have honey deposits? Being sticky, will it have enormous gravity pull? Would honeybees be the 1st to land before the mankind can think of? How would it be to close a deal with the bees to import honey? How will the bees proclaim its support? Will it sting or buzz?
- Why is that thing be called a Honeymoon? And not as a Sugaryneptune or may be a Saltysaturn or atleast as a Spicypluto? - What does it gotto to do with honey? Something to do with flowers? Some bees & birds? Humming birds? Oh! Hum?
- Whats with a moon? Something after nightfall? Dull lights? Sleep? Or Dreams? Or about celestial/heavenly bodies? - Why is that you always travel for a Honeymoon? To stay away from the past, present & the future? Or because the so called Honeymoon is not omnipresent like our Sun, moon & the stars. Is it secluded? Is it covered by the rain clouds? - Does it have phases like Newhoneymoon & Fullhoneymoon? What will they look like? Will it influence our seas? Will the waves be harsh? Will the lives be lit bright?

This is enough for today. You think about it & laugh at your findings. And more importantly, keep your comments to yourself. :)
Update #0**: Hahaha! I get yet another thought! Will the shape of the honeymoon be like that of the heart up above?

Image Courtesy: StockExpert

Question Unanswered

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Why is that you haven’t married until now? In this modern world, where reasons of spiritualism have gone down, what keeps you motivated to live single? Why haven’t you thought about sharing your illustrious life with someone? Or atleast going by scientific reasons, have you thought about taking your precious DNA matter for the generations to come?

Who is the best person to answer? :)

Update #0: It should be Dr. Kalam.

I am in my 77th orbit around the sun, that means my age is 76, ok.

He recently celebrated his 76th birthday [inaugurating][] the celebrations of a spiritual centre in US.

Photo courtesy: [][]

The Break-up

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If you wanna see some comical drama about relationships, do watch the movie, The Break-up. It showcases how they can be broken by 3 lemons instead of 12 & how they can be built with just buying a hot dog with a topping of mustard sauce.

Watched this movie for the 3rd time over a year & still the experience is gratifying with laughters. All arguments, counter arguments & other conversations in it are fun to follow.

The movie opens with a base ball game, where Gary (played by Vince Vaughn) & his friend in the audience seat. Brooke (played by Jennifer Aniston) with her boyfriend is also in the scene. At the end of the match, this guy, Gary confronts Brooke & asks her out. But, she insists that she already has a boyfriend. What happens next is a story that is untold. :) Ho man! I guess, this is one of the boldest advances, I have ever seen, to win a date! I first saw this guy, Vince Vaughn, at Wedding Crashers. He is forthcoming & very spontaneous in dialogue delivery. You’ll feel as if nothing is bookish, remembered & uttered in it. Jennifer Aniston is just as cute as in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Her smirks & expressions of outrage are good to watch.

In case you have seen it already, do leave your comments.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Writing Space

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E: What will you do, if there is no space to write?
F: I’!
E: !!?@#$!!

Btw, here is a smiley to represent a guy/girl with a bunny’s teeth.

:B or >:OB

Love is a bacteria & not a virus.
- If it is a virus, there is least probability for one to fall for the 2nd time. In reality, this isn’t the case.
- Viruses need living hosts for them to be active. However, Love can be with non-living things too. You shall love your mobi, a TV show, etc. - Love is viral, contagious & not chronic. Most diseases from a virus end up in death.
- Sometimes, Love is rewarding like our Bacterias do. They help in digestion. One cannot live without it, so as Love. Viruses are always problematic.

Marriages are made in Hell not in Heaven.
- Marriages make slaves. People tie a string to secure themselves to something. Or rather exchange a ring to restrict them within a ring. - Its an inauguration for all sufferings, fights, despair, etc. If its Heaven, I shall presume it to be all pleasant & peaceful. - Just as in Adam’s case, its an apple that tastes sweet in the beginning & when digested later appears as a sin. Guys from Heaven will never plan this!

Don’t derive opinions from this post. When the girl I love wants to marry me, I know how it is to be in a Hell infested with bacterium. But, I’m left with no option. :D

PS: Need some serious comments from people from biology backgrounds & married men/women. Correct me, in case, I’m wrong.