Justice at ease

24.12.2007  in FunFrolic

Those 4 men were well build & it was too hard to resist. She submitted in the end. The next day, newspapers read, “City girl gang raped”. A case was registered & the assailants were arrested.

At the court, the case was dismissed for reasons she couldn’t comprehend. However, she wasn’t unhappy of such a ruling. She felt that the justice was given already. She had punished the culprits on her own. Yes! She was HIV positive much before that incident.

What a who how?

18.12.2007  in FunFrolic

What questions does most of the Americans have in their mind?
- Who is god? - What is love? - How to kiss?

You might really learn & better the last item with time & practice. Whats mystery are still the 1st two. Me too interested in getting to know things &’ll be in a constant search (not a Google search thou’). Ping me when you really felt lucky with these terms.

Meanwhile, I arrived at some intermediate answers. Here are they:

The root solution to all the above questions comes from Google. So you know, whom to ask.

Fishy tale

11.12.2007  in BackTrace , FunFrolic

He was never a fisherman, but had a strong desire to become one. Having nothing to do today, he thought of doing some fishing. There is plenty of fish out-there in the lake nearby. He’s amateurish & wanted some fun. He took his rod & went on a float. Stopped it somewhere in the middle, hooked up a bait & dropped into the water. A few minutes passed by & still no fish. He waited.

Meanwhile, a large fish felt its boredom to be killing. It also wanted some fun. Seeing the bait, it knew that someone is out-there to play with. It came up to the surface & flipped the water with its tail fin. He got alerted with this & gave a jerk to his bait. The fish too got enthused. It came up again & popped its head to see who the bloody he is. He came to the edge of the float, to have a proper look at what this fish is upto.

The fish got a good glimpse of he & decided he to be the right person to play with. It went near the bait, took a mouthful & pulled deep inside the water. He having no support, fell in the lake & sinked eventually. Being hurt with the bait, the fish helped itself away from it & swam far-off. He was later fished-out, pale & tired, but alive.

He then lay by the shore & watched all the fishy activity. He cannot go home with nothing to eat. He needs fish to support his family. I donno when he’ll plunge.

Update #0: After the dinner today, I sat down to catchup with something on TV. Went thro’ all the movie channels & in Zee Studio, a Tom Hanks movie was running. Hoping it to be good, kept aside the remote & relaxed on the chair. Then I realized that coincidence, after watching it for a few minutes. Splash was running. Guess what? The girl whom Tom Hanks loves is a mermaid. I guess, its a kinda fish. The rest is left to your imagination. :)

Run to Stay

09.12.2007  in BumpedUpon

A few days back, happened to hear Rajesh Shetty’s podcasts. In one of them, he says:
> This world is moving so fast, that one has to run to stay in the place > he already is!

I think, this is a fantastic thought telling all of us the kinda things that’s going around. I felt so, & as always, the thought just dampened away.

I bumped on it again; in today’s TOI’s Life supplement. Quoting from one of the articles, as said by Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” to Alice:
> Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in > the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at > least twice as fast as that.

Is this some kinda omen, I need to pick the cues from & do something about it? May be, it is.

One might trail backwards when there’s no gravity. To keep abreast, one has to run. This is obvious. Applying the same, the gravity here is the force that the job has in you. That keeps you engaged & gets you going. You are required to do nothing extraordinary, just do things that come to your table. But this gravity dies-off quickly & you float mid-air. Not knowing that you lost your firm support, you continue to keep doing for whatever you are paid for. In the meanwhile, there are lot many people underneath you who keep abreast with this world. You being mid-air, comfortably floating in the cushions of atmosphere, cared for nothing.

One fine day, you land, to check-out on what this world is upto. To your surprise, you’ll realize that the place you landed is not the place you wanted to be. You’ll see all the people around you ran to keep-up with this world. You’ll be a victim with no one to hurt. You would have lost a race which no one had initiated. You’ll curse the plight &’ll search for the options you are left with.

Isn’t this terrible? At least, run just enough to stay.

Search Phenomenon

02.12.2007  in WriteThings

Way back in 1998, my 1st encounter with the Internet was via www.yahoo.com. People publicized saying that one can find anything & everything in the Internet. Such a statement indirectly portraited the power of search engines. The importance of Google in www, in the recent times, just reinforces the potential of search.

Take a look at my “all time” search queries with Google:
Search History
The slump in December is because, I still have 30 more days to go. This is just Google, un-accounting things with Wikipedia & IMDB. But its hard to believe that one can do, on an average, about 400 searches a month. Thats the index about our dependency with Google or any other search engine.

Search queries are very much disjointed. Meaning, I may search for “OLPC” & once I get to know, I may move on to find out how a “Platypus is poisonous”. I may search for “Hill stations in India” one day & for “axxo” the other day. Such terms may prove meaningless in isolation but when associated with the person who queried for, one can manage to derive a lot of information. His personality & interests gets converted into related search terms. Provides a good amount of insight & introduction about the person.

With the visitor tracking tools available with the search engines, they can very well predict the various areas a particular organization is working on. Think of DRDO secretly starting to work on a Humanoid project to help-out troops in loading nuclear warheads on missiles. Google might instantly get to know this with the rise in search queries related to warheads & robots from DRDO. Or be it ISRO wanting to do some Diamond mining on the moon during its Chandrayaan mission. The search engines would be the 1st outsider to know about it. Policies on IT Security apart from blocking access to certain websites, should also offer guidelines on search engine usage. Or the IT team can annonymize HTTP connections made to the search engines.

Yesterday, we re-scanned all the channels in our set-top-box & the original channel ordering got messed up. So, we didn’t know which channel belongs to which number. We had to merely push the channel-up button & wait for our favorite channel to appear. Won’t it be good, if we have a search button & an AlphaNumeric keypad on our remote, & backed by a dictionary of channel names?

Search is a Gaint. Sometimes, a Goliath, maybe.

Wrongly Quote

28.11.2007  in IntelliSparks

  • Smoking: Close to owning miniaturized gas chambers with atleast one exhaust.
  • Gambling: A pleasure, far different from charity, to give up with money.
  • Theft: A monetary loss even without any business indulgence.
  • Alcoholism: Man’s smelly invention to defy gravity.
  • Rape: When one finds a way in, while the other couldn’t manage a way out.
  • Abduction: An usual but adventurous foreplay preparedness for a delightful ransom.
  • Murder: One cruel act of a body asking a soul to get lost.**
  • Prostitution: A barter system showcasing the power of money.

  • Drugs: Grass on the either side is always green.

  • Smuggling: To play hide & seek with Teleportation.

Surprise me with any of the wrong deed, I missed out. :)

PG Marriages

21.11.2007  in WriteThings

One day:
> Mom: Shall I get you new clothes for your Birthday?
> Son: Don’t worry mom. I’ll buy it by myself.

Another day:
> Mom: Your Dad & me are just thinking. Shall we get you married?
> Son: Hmm! Ok. But try to get a nice girl who suites our family.

Such a situation occurs for fellas, be it a guy or a girl, for whom love didn’t strike or even if it had struck, it would have struck the wrong chord. Yep! We are talking about arranged marriages that aren’t out of love. There can be love from the parents, but definitely not between the guy & the gal.

Such marriages are good in a societal setup; telling people that the guy or the girl isn’t on the loose. But certainly, its a blow for the internal values of the individual. For a person who grows with fulfilling his needs by himself, this is for sure a failure case. A desire un-accomplished with his mere & meek abilities. Something he is incapable of, that brings in embarrassment to the core.

You may counter, that its all within the parents & the child, & there’s nothing to feel low of. But the truth is, the parents are so very caring, forgiving & more importantly forgetting the real twists in their child’s behaviour. Even the child is little bold enough to ask for things that he/she hasn’t mastered enough. It all happens for the sake of “One Big Happy Family”.

In case you are still wondering what the PG in the title means, its Parental Guidance. :)

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Intl Men's Day

19.11.2007  in BackTrace

Today, on my way to lunch, saw one of my colleague to be in the lobby talking to someone over phone. I’m done having food, while returning, I witnessed the same sight. He was still talking. Then, I noticed his mobile phone. Its the same as my mine. I didn’t know what to say. Wondered who is on the other side of the line. Wondered what would be the subject of that useless conversation. Wondered how much of torture he is going thro’. Wondered how much his phone bill be. Wondered why I’m bothered. So, paused for a second & moved on. :)

Btw, today is International Men’s Day. Did you blurted, “So what?”? Yeah! So what? :)

Movies & me

07.11.2007  in BackTrace

The 1st english movie, I saw, had a scene like this: Some worm like giant creature in a slurry of mud all over it, keeps sneezing & because of it, a girl slips while she is attempting a climb. I donno its name nor its story. My mom & dad had taken me to this.

The next one, I remember is Mackenna’s Gold. Those where the times when the theatre folks didn’t honor film ratings. My pitha (Dad’s brother) took me to this film along with his friends. Still I could recollect, in the break he buys me an Egg Bonda & a coffee, takes me back to the seat & leaves me there. He then goes out to join his friends. I was wondering on what he was doing, so sneaked out. To my shock, he was smoking a white cigarette. Will I be quite? The 1st thing I did, as soon as I reach home is to tell my Dad about it. :)

Then next is the innumerable Jackie Chan movies starting from the Police Story series. I hate chinese films to the core, specially those with martial arts. But, the Jackie Chan’s are very acceptable.

Rambo & its sequels are the next. The way Stallone screws the bomb to his arrow & launches it was amusing. I think, in Rambo III, he settles with more of automatic weaponry. And what a physique, man? Haven’t known about Arnold until Predator.

Blood Sport, its about some stage fights where people gather & cheer for fun. My dad picked me up for this. I donno why. :)

For Jurrasic Park, we went as a family. I remember my brother to cry. Many school children had come in groups. The start of the movie was very scary. I didn’t understand the story of how they brought those Dinosaurs to life. Those times, the dialogues were hard to follow. After, I started to work, happened to read the novel of this book. Did I mention, this to be my 1st novel ever? Anyways, the experience was far better, as I could add screams, noises, BGM, visuals & dialogues from the movie, while I read it. Enjoyed reading every bit of it.

Golden Eye, the first bond movie, I ever saw. There’s sure a magic in the theme music of the Bond’s. Talking about music, happened to see, The Mask, during the same month or so. I could still remember the BGM for the 1st scene of Cameroon Diaz. Made it so dramatic. :) Not to forget the Jumanji, King Kong & Godzilla.

The recent movie, with which I had good time was Knocked Up. Subbudu wrote about it, so went on to see. Althou’ the comedy is a little raunchy, its a good watch. I recommend it, if you are a grown-up. :)

Some Scribbles

05.11.2007  in IntelliSparks

How come both of the below mean the same thing?

  • She loves to hate him.
  • She hates to love him.

Hate is a stronger feeling than love or what?

Random dum dumb…
- How’ll you start to analyze the error when there is an error in reporting that error? - Imagine that you gonna be tortured & killed in another couple of hours. When will you be able to decide on which pain to be the greatest; the emotional or the physical? - In the land of deafs, how’ll you explain that you don’t know the spelling of spelling?