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  • Was thinking of 3 people in the past 2 weeks with whom I had lost contact. All the 3 got in touch in some way or the other. :)
  • Wanted to watch a particular movie one more time. Felt a little lethargic to find it. A few days back happened go to my colleague’s place. He offers me a DVD which has this movie along with a few others. You know how my face bloomed? :)
  • I generally walk back home from work. Yesterday, while walking, was thinking how this recreation & resort culture is upcoming. How one has to attract tourists, the facilities that can be offered, etc. Whether it has to be a farmland or some hill-station, activity centric or for relaxation, all such & such,… I reach home & I see my roomie. Asked where he has been for the weekend. He replies, “Been to _this_ hill-station to see a land to buy. Thinking of developing a commercial property!“.
  • Mutual funds is other thing. Was looking for a good one last week. Someone who doesn’t know about this, sends me a link on how to choose the right one.!

Like the Alchemist says, something like “When you are in need, the whole world around conspires to help you in getting that”. Hope the trend continues. :)

WYTIWYG: What You Think Is What You Get.

Nano thoughts

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After several days of procrastination, here we go with Tata’s Nano. Was keeping tabs with the recent AutoExpo for 2 reasons, one was obviously for the people’s car, Nano.

At 1st glimpse, the Nano reminded me of a smart car that Russell Crowe rides in A Good Year. Here is the shot:
Russell Crowe & his car

With this, he zips through France’s country side to take a look at his vineyard.

When Ratan Tata unveiled the Nano, I felt he was submissive & made it sound very ordinary. There was no dramatization nor boastful talks like Steve Jobs did for iPod Nano. We should be really grateful for Ratan Tata for keeping the promise. Now more people can be on the move with 4 wheels. Long time dreams of several Indians would come true. Nice.

One significant impact that Nano would bring in is the safety of pedestrians. When we have more cars per stretch of road, there’ll be new stricter road traffic rules to reduce congestion & commotion. A hefty capital punishment along with a few weeks of imprisonment would be levied for skipping a signal, for rash driving, for changing lanes in a haphazard way & so on. Our infrastructure cannot scale to the growth of vehicular traffic, so the birth of such rules is inevitable. But it wouldn’t be very natural, there’ll be several incidents & accidents that would pay way for such rules. This would bring in orderly behaviour of drivers & also the pedestrains would be using their footpaths as there’ll be no space on the roads for them to walk. Vehicular traffic will in no way abuse pedestrians.

Other changes would be in related businesses, more & more Drive-in food outlets would open, converting Nanos into Hybrids, making it to run on alternate fuels such as ethanol or making it into a complete electric vehicle. As many people would gonna own a Nano, there’ll be immense pressure for differentiation, businesses in stickering & adding extra accessories would flourish. Private car parking areas would be ubiquitous in cities. Fuel filling stations & motels would sprang throughout the country.

For Tata Motors, Nano is a case of Corporate Social Responsibility where a slew of objectives, direct as well as indirect, will be met. Kudos.

Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft, as shown at his final keynote address at CES:

I wonder how guys of such stature be so hilarious.

Gates connection: When in college, I was called “AlGates”. I guess, its “Gates” as in “Bill Gates”. :)

I was really unaware of the difference of the words Sauce & Ketchup until I got one when I ordered the other. Here are the differences for clarity:

Sauce Ketchup Savory thing of several kinds, chillies, cheese, BBQ, … Sweet thing made from ripe tomatoes. Seen as thinner liquids. Thicker semi-liquids. Usually served hot Is always cold. Comes as a part of the food. Just an optional additive.

In the US, when you order for tomato sauce, you’ll get a big tin can with tomato pulp. Nothing more! So next time you visit a pizza shop, you know what to ask for.

Idea: Aparna


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  • When all your dreams come true, would you dare to sleep?
  • To every girl who say, “I’ll die, if u don’t marry me.”; every guy would reply, “Don’t blackmail!”.
  • When men are in black, women should be in colors.
  • You get sleepy 2times a day, specially @ 2. 1 after a heavy lunch & other after a midnight movie.
  • A website with no feed is near to extinction.

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Jan 3rd, 2008

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Have been thinking of getting up early in the mornings. Was never able to keep-up with that. Tomorrow may be the day.

Day ~= Life; Dash ~= Speed;

DayDash says something about my life in a uber fast way. Its an experimentation of “one-sentence-journal” philosophy.

Jan 2nd, 2008

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I walk back home after a long day of work. My eyes burn a little & they gets soaked in tears. Probably the irritation because of long stares at the monitor.

Day ~= Life; Dash ~= Speed;

DayDash says something about my life in a uber fast way. Its an experimentation of “one-sentence-journal” philosophy.

Jan 1st, 2008

01.01.2008  in DayDash

8 is my favorite number, consider it to be my lucky too. I think, 2008 would be a wonderful year.

Day ~= Life; Dash ~= Speed;

DayDash says something about my life in a uber fast way. Its an experimentation of “one-sentence-journal” philosophy.

To go Honeymoon

28.12.2007  in FunFrolic

One girl:
> Nah! I’m taking just a week of leave for my wedding. Honeymoon would > be sometime after 3 months.

Another guy:
> I’m taking 2.5 weeks of leave for my marriage. 1.5 weeks for the > Honeymoon! We are going SriLanka.

Why do people go for Honeymoon? I think, its a team building activity, like we have in the corporate world. Can call it as a pair building activity to better the days back home.

Folks out of arranged marriages do honeymoons just after the knots, which is important. And yep! That girl’s is a love marriage & while that guy’s is arranged.

Go honey, go honey, to moon honey, to moon honey;
Moon in the honey or honey in the moon?
Find the right, in the honeymoon soon.
Go honey, to moon honey!

  • What do you want to do, when you don’t want to answer this question?
  • How’ll you prove that this question is incorrect?
  • What is the answer to this question that lies in this question?
  • Does correcting a question for an incorrect answer make it wrong?
  • Why does questions get the mark always & not the answers?
  • Will you give a wrong answer for a wrong question?

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