God: Go with him

28.07.2004  in WriteThings

Happiness keeps u Sweet,
Trials keep u Strong,
Sorrow keeps u Human ,
Failure Keeps u Humble,
Success keeps u Glowing,
But only God Keeps u Going.

What does my Wisdom do? Look out for God and beg him for my being? Wait lOOk out [or] lOOk in? God only knows.

Yesterday I attended a Seminar about Japan, a Broad overview on the Land, People, Business and Social Culture were dealt. More >>. The Sensei (Instructor in Japanese) shared a cooked-up story to explain the Japanese mindset. It goes like this:

It happened in the maiden voyage of Titanic. The ship collided with an Iceberg, broke and started to sink. The life boats were few in number, not enough to save everyone. There were people from different parts of the world. Anyways, the women and children in the ship are to be saved. How to convice, The Captain of the ship stood vague knowing what to do. Finally makes up his mind and firmly shouts, “All men jump and let our women and chidren live”. No response. Nobody seems to be moving. Now the Captain gets smart and yells, “Hey Britons, Aren’t you gentlemen?”. Immediately all the Britons jumps into the sea. Now turning to Americans, “You wanna to be Heros?”. All American men plunges into the water. The Captain is glad to see this. He looks at the Germans and says, “Hey people, this is my order! Jump!”. Germans dive in to water. Now the Japanese turn. The Captain remarks, “Hey Japanese did you see the Britons, Americans and Germans in the water? Why are you waiting still?” Thats it. All Japanese happily fall into the water.

This is to say that Japanese prefer imitating than inventing. Ofcourse they specialize in improving the imitated ones. This is what the Sensei told us. But this looks very peculiar to me. Are Japanese really like that? I’m wondering what the Captain would have told to the Indians?

Sasidhar says, “The road to Success is not Straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, you will make it to a place called Success”.

Me: “Won’t he require a map called Desire, fuel called Hard Work, a green signal called Belief, an accelerator called Motivation and a brake called Satisfaction to stop at a place called Success?”

Sharvan replied saying, “Success is not a place it is an NH road. The place that you are talking is your destination and it changes as life moves on. So, when you reach the destination that you have set yourself, you are on the path of Success. There is nothing like you stop at success”.

Me: “That was a Theoretical answer. Lets be practical and discuss what we practice. Success is sure, a Destination to reach. You need to spend sometime there and Relish yourself. This is called Satisfaction. Unless you do this, you won’t have that motivation to reach Success1. Do you think this Success1 is NH1 Road? :D Never. If it is I can directly go to Success1 rather to Success. Do u have any ByPass roads which are roads to 30% Success? The path to Success is not a High-Speed-Free-Lane-HighWay. Comeon. U need to feel the pain and shed sweat to Reach a never-ending NH Road. ;)”

This is Santhosh: “I got a strong doubt now…. R u (friends) all speed bumps or red lights to influence our current flats ?”

Sharvan again, “We are speed bumps to stop you from going rash and ;)”

–The discussion ends successfully–

Its almost 2 weeks since I posted at ScreamCast. Would you mind to know the reason? Hmm. Last Week, my Team Lead killed himself. People say all because of some family problems. Lot of people in my office noticed he being dull and very silent. Everyone realised that something was going wrong. When enquired, his answer was, “No Yaar; Nothing for me”. Finally when insisted strong, he came out that his mother was not well. This was not convincing. Every mom in this world have better chances of dying before their sons. Diseases and aging are there to kill. This is natural. Ok. Ok. Lets not dig deep why, when and how this mishapp occured.

There are always lessons to learn. One needs to be bold while in depression. Act wise and face the tormenting situations. Sucides are cowardish. Escapism. Selfishness To some extent. We need to be open and let know people around whats troubling. Friends? Who are they? And why are they with you? Crisis management is what all schools has to teach the children. Controling and Winning emotions should be its chapters. Our Mind is the most powerful and the most destructive weapon. How we use it matters. 0.5 is close to 1 or 0? Whatelse can be the most aspiring/inspiring other than living and enjoying every second in our lifetime? Our life is a Celebration. The world celebrates it. We, the world.

Managing Time

04.06.2004  in WriteThings

Trying to remember some tips and tricks of time management. Thriving hard to follow, lets see how it goes. May be useful for u too…
1. Spend Time Planning And Organizing.
2. Set Goals.
3. Prioritize.
4. Use A To Do List
5. Be Flexible.
6. Consider Your Biological Prime Time.
7. Do The Right Thing Right.
8. Eliminate The Urgent.
9. Practice The Art Of Intelligent Neglect.
10. Avoid Being A Perfectionist.
11. Conquer Procrastination.
12. Learn To Say “No”.
13. Reward Yourself.

Came Here

31.05.2004  in BackTrace

I’m thinking of changing from MovableType to Blogger because of the recent changes in both these software programs. Good to see the New Blogger and its templates. On the otherhand, MovableType went for its Version 3 which is no longer free even for personal use. I’m not comfortable anymore in using something which was free before and asks for a price now. Moreover its a nice feeling to use a Google product. Like to be a part of the gang who practices success. I have already moved all my posts to http://screamcast.blogspot.com Due to this immigration, I have lost all your valuable comments (not many) on my posts. Hope you have no problems on this. Expecting you to gimme lot of feedback. I cannot categorize my posts. (Blogger doesn’t support categories in posts)

I forgot to welcome you all. There is a party going on at this address http://screamcast.blogspot.com Do sneak in and participate.

Read this frm some site: ‘
> Try to learn something new every day, no matter how small, for it will > sharpen your mind and rejuvenate your spirit’.

What did I learnt today? I learnt that I need to learn something new everyday. U know this will sharpen my mind and rejuvenate my sprit. Didn’t I know this earlier? Yes I do. This is just to Accentuate. An Emphasis. To say myself that this important. Don’t we say ‘Come on. I can Do this’ This is like that. Follow me.

I’m Alive

14.05.2004  in WriteThings

Rajesh Jain from Emergic.org says, “Daily blogging is a commitment we make, our readers will reciprocate by making a daily visit”.
This is the commitment that every Bloggar has to make to h im/er self. The reason behind this post is that. Everyday we shall look new. Giveout new thoughts, new information, anything new. You need to amaze the reader with ur post. The readers here are Bloggars themselves. I’m sure u’ll absorb these. Take it as a passion, an everyday job … I’ll try to keep my words. Do u hav any comments abt this? luv to hav lots.

Things to do

24.04.2004  in BackTrace

  1. Explore the possible ways of using Google Web APIs.
  2. Analyse Pros and Cons of GPL/BSD/LGPL/MPL licenses.
  3. GTK, Tcl and Tk: Usage. Consider Qt also.
  4. Scripting langs Perl or Python? First do with shell scripts.
  5. Case study of a few RTOSes eCos/PSOS/anyother.
  6. Linux 2.4 data structures? http://www.moses.uklinux.net/patches/lki.html
  7. JAVA? C#? or atleast OOPS?
  8. Finally updating Resume.


21.04.2004  in BumpedUpon

Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love,
time is eternity.