The Cancer employee isn’t at work to feed their ego – their job is just a job and a means to get paid. They work steadily and are usually very reliable. You’ll be able to depend on them to show up on time and do what is necessary. They won’t get involved in power struggles or get upset when someone advances before them. They are able to accept the situation because they see it simply as a rung on the ladder up. Their motivation is security.

They’ll want more money the longer they’ve stayed at a job. They don’t want to have to worry about how they’ll make ends meet tomorrow so they’ll need a stable position without much risk. Cancerian workers can slip into some dark moods on occasion.

During these periods productivity tends to drop-as well as everyone else’s in the office. Their moods can be so strong everyone becomes affected. To avoid the frequency of these occurrences, managers and co-workers should try to make the work environment as homey as possible-keep it well heated, cozy, and friendly. Don’t press them to reveal their true inner thoughts-their tendency is to be secretive and protective, and they could see prying as an attempt to disturb their security.

Another One:
> The most emotional of all signs does posses the management skill more > than that of a programmer. They can manage projects and they have > appreciation for good software professionals. Though they themselves > do not form good software professionals, they motivate/demotivate > their fellow people.
> They can argue on any matter easily and win over it either through a > practical approach or emotionally. They play intelligently when given > a task. They also, like Gemini, get the work done through colleagues > once they know they are not capable. They are very honest and if they > can’t do a job they will tell you straight in the face.
> They feel embarrassed when they feel they are unable to do, when a > colleague can do it easily. They are also jealous when they see people > growing around them. They try hard to be on par with everybody else. > They stay for a long time in a company only if they get more respect > than what they deserve.

Your versions can be here and there.


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George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
> If You Have An Apple & I Have An Apple & We Exchange Apples, Then You > & I Will Still Each Have One Apple.
> But If You Have An Idea & I Have An Idea & We Exchange These Ideas, > Then Each Of Us Will Have Two Ideas.

Grooms grooved

10.04.2005  in BackTrace

A cousin of my friend had come down from the States. He is in his wedding age & is desperate to get married.. Being a Brahmin by birth & not wanting to find a broker, he registered himself in a Brahmin sangham. One fine day, they had arranged for a customary meet-up of the bride-groom families. The girl & the guy were allowed to meet in a seperate room.

After a few conversations, the bride questions, “Ok fine. What will you do with your old property?” This guy, “Hmm. Well, I’m in US earning good money. And these were from my ancestor’s, have no plans of selling them. I’ll have it with myself.” This female, “No No xxxxx. I think you weren’t quite familiar with these terms. I meant your parents.” This guy couldn’t swallow what she meant and went mute out of shock. The girl continues, “We’ll call the blood brother/sister & other inborns as furnitures.” She smiles. FYI, the girl is working in a Software concern.

The prevailing situation in the bride fair is that the expectations are too high and there are such werid demands. The good chicks are either booked already or asking for more. The Software girls here want their fiances to get atleast 50-70k every month. This makes only Project Managers and a few Project leaders eligible. No place for Software Engineers? Also seems that grooms with Bachelor degrees have to stay as Bachelors. The Masters have better prospects. A few people have already registered (including me) for a MBA programme with IGNOU. The females are still trying to keep-up the proportions in age, height, edu-qualification and salaries. Is there something which I missed out?

I have ample time to decide.

thŕattle is an effort towards organizing my thought streams and the world information in a way it is useful to you and me.

thŕattle is a mux-up of ‘throttle’ & ‘rattle’ and means ‘a throttle to way one’s rattles’. The ŕ in it is highlighted for an obvious reason.

Ok. For almost 5 months, I didn’t do anything with ScreamCast. Blogger can be push-button publishing, but in a way is pretty less in its features. So, was waiting for a WordPress blog. Got 1 from very recently. You too can get 1 if you could convince its webmasters. My blogroll here lists people who were helpful in setting up this blog. Thanks a TON guys.

There were a lot of hype earlier when Blogger was bought by Google. Curiosity made me to quit but I was googl(y)ed. Blogger quite didn’t excel after. Their improvements didn’t match up my expectations. So now I’m back here.

I value your comments more than my posts. Do participate & enjoy your stay. If you find me or thrattle to be interesting, contact me. I’m Ranjhith DOT kumar AT gmail DOT com

a throttle to way my rattles

Huuh! People (JD, Ronnie, Murali and Brandy) at have been kind enough and gave me this spot. Folks, Please bear with my re-location and kindly update your bookmarks. We’ll meet-up and jam at thŕattle. My invitation to you all.

hang on. may take some time to customize the WordPress stuff.


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Gushing waters, imposing landscapes, and untouched picnic spots is what Mekedatu is all about. The Cauvery river squeezing through a narrow gorge before traversing its south-bound terrain is a breathtaking sight .It is 98 Kms south of Bangalore.

That was Mekedatu.

— A Narration by Alex —
As you all can guess now that, we (Ganesh, Ranjith, Arun, Rahul, Mac ( one more Arun we call him mac) and myself :D ) went to Makedatu yesterday. It was a very long drive and almost 40% of the road was a bit hilly. we started from our place at around 7:00 in the morning :( and satrted our bike journey…From bangalore we have to catch Kanapura road (highway sort) and reach Kanakapura, from there itz 36 kms to Makedatu…those 36 km was awesome..more or less driving in forest roads with no traffic but no warning boards also (except myself and gans (my bike mate) the other two guys fell down and we had a tough time :( reaching there ). i liked driving in those hilly roads a lot :) and thoug it was exhausting the drive was really superb.

Now to the place, we went to the place were cavery was moving at a slow pace and we were a bit surprised to see that coz we were given the abovce explanation !!! so we asked the ppl around there whether this is the exact place. They told us to cross the river take a Van! (actually the vechile was like a cross breed between Van and Bus :)) ) the river was not that much deep :( ..a max of 5ft dept…(water was very less or else we have to take a small boat “parisal” to get to the other side) so we crossed the river just by mere walk :). The crossing was really gud bcoz after tiring journey u tend to step into ice cold water and wow that was really refershing but unfortunately i have to carry my bag.

We took that van sort of thing and went to the place..itz around 2 to 3 kms from the river. we got down at a place were we can hear gushing waters but we were not able to see the river. It was like a valley with huge rocks shaped by flowing water. there was a small path and we followed it..finally we reached the place..gosh it was dangerous place bcoz of the speed of the water and the way it has associted with the rocks…to put it simply, the entire river gushing out in a narrow 30ft space….to be very frank we all were afraid to see the site water splashing aroung all the place. The rocks which limit the flow of water is as smooth as a pearl and bcoz of that it was really slippery and dangerous also coz one small misstep will take u to heaven or hell. we explored the areas around that spot and did some rock climbing :) (a small cut in my right knee) and finally back to the gud old river were we had a bath for almost an hour…

so we started from makedatu towards a place called Chinchu Falls was on the way towards kanakapura (5kms from a particular spot) since we went to that place stayed there for almost an hour and came back . This was a small falls (bcoz of the amount of water it seemed small i guess) and a peaceful spot to take bath. we started from there at 4:30 reached Bangalore at 7:30…

All of them were tired so we ordered pizza had out fill and went to sleep… so thats the end of the show pals….it was a tiring weekend but it was realy gud

PS: I suffered SUN burns and now look like an red indian :(

— A Narration by Alex —

Arraged Marriage vs Love Marriage - This was once a popular Topic in group dicussions. In our hostel there used to be some mock GDs, I remember those quarrels now. GDs are of no use. The statements are just thrown and the people in the discussion receive very selectively. Because of this, it becomes tough for a person to conclude. It so happens that he blabbers something to finish it off.

Ok coming back to square one: Arranged vs Love, they always contend very close.

Arranged one, generally brings peace in the Family and thrill in the newly weds. Peace because of the consensus made on the bride and the groom. And thrill since the married ones are very new to each other and will be fun for sure in knowing the other person. If it is beauty for brides, it would be jobs for the grooms that decides the marriage partners and nothing more. Maybe in somecases the people around will try to force this equation
Bride( Beauty, Dowery ) == Groom( Salary, Education, Assets )

The parameters that decide the Bride and Groom will prove nothing to the Bride or the Groom after their marriage. The B & G are arranged/brought together, by people who in no way concerned, to co-exist for the rest of their life.

Enough of artifically made-up marriages, we’ll move to the naturas ones. Love Marriages are based on:
Bride( X ) == Groom( X )

where X = anything/everything/unknown

Here the convincing part is, both B & G depend on the same X and the equality is established naturally with no force. Someone said, “Love cannnot bought. But you need to pay heavily for it”. Yeah, this is how the X gets its meaning. “Pay” not necessarily mean Rupees but Kindness, Tolerance, Sacrifice, and lot more. You and Me need not bother on what the X is and how does it equate. Now given this equation to the B & G’s parents, they’ll try to prove it under certain conditions like Caste, Social/Financial Status, etc which are merely Don’t Cares. Do they check the necessary ones like Behaviour, Responsibilities, etc first? Never!!.

[ End of part1 ]

With a Moto

11.10.2004  in BackTrace

Got an E398 thro’ the Motorola Ambassador Program. Costed me 10,460 INR. Its a good deal for its features: 64MB TransFlash, Bluetooth, Camera, MP3 Playback, MPEG4 Video, WAP 2.0, Imports from Outlook, SpeakerPhone, 3D Surround, Rhythmic Lights, VoiceDial, USB Data Cable, HeadSet… What else u may require?

Contented of owning it, I turned towards BSNL for their Excel PrePaid, the cheapest among the existing ones. 9448019470 is my GSM identifier. This is a move towards building a Social Network. wanna shake with me?

Update: I got this connection thro’ the Tatkal scheme, paid 3526 INR for a talktime of worth 3000 INR and its valid for an year. Hehehe I’m commiting myself to stay in B’lore atleast for a year more. >:O)

Unavoidable Addiction !

My Configuration

12.08.2004  in BackTrace

Finally, I have arrived at a configuration for my Computer.

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton 512 K
Gigabyte GA-7N400E-L Motherboard
256 MB Hynix PC-400 DDR RAM
120 GB 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda
Samsung SyncMaster 793MB/793S/795MB
Kunhar ATX Cabinet with 300 Watts SMPS
Logitech Spill-resistant Standard Keyboard
Samsung Scroll Mouse
Any good UPS with 20 min Backup

Hope this is competitive for another 3 years. Rough calculation on the prices totalled to 32,250 INR.

Its being 2 yrs and a few days since I started working. It was from Aug 5th, 2002, my days were valued and earned money. Took 2 days off from office and went on a 4 day trip to kerala. Munnar, Alleppy, Ernakulam, Chalakudi and Malampuzha were the places we visited. 10 ppl, all colleagues from my workplace, joined for this party. It was a mere coincidence.

Message from my PM (Old)
Dear 2002 batch engineers,
Congratulations for completing 2 years in Office today. During these two years all of you have added lot of value to yourself and to your Office. Wish you all the best and happy celebration on occasion of this important milestone for you!

Very much elated on this. >:o)