(if you are a craftsman, skip this portion.)
- Take any porcelain cup & break apart the handle. Or if you are gifted with a maid, who manages to break the handles of the cups you use; you are lucky. - Measure its circumference C & height H. Divide them with a whole number W, so that the resultants are whole numbers, WC & WH, with a minuscule remainder. ie WC ~= C / W & WH ~= H / W. - Cut long strips of paper from magazines (no newspapers, specially not TOI) of lengths > C & widths ~ 3W . Fold both the edges inwards along the breath, so that the resulting width is W. Prepare WC + WH many such strips. - Take your hankie & place within 15 cms from the eye. Watch closely the thread patterns & imagine how it could hav been put together. Your observation & imagination should last atleast for a minute. - Now take the paper strips, you hav folded & knit them like the threads weaved in your imagination. (You can use the above pic for reference, though.) Use glue to secure the strips in place. Run the strips between, above once & below the other time. Do this keeping the pattern of the cloth, you hav seen in your mind. Pull in the strips closer, to avoid any gaps that may form. Glue all the sides, once the paper-fabric in the making measures C in length &  H in width. - Now, time to dress-up. Wrap the whole paper-fabric around the Cup. Secure the sides & the joint with a duct tape.

(If you hav skipped the above text, I guess just by looking at the pic, you would hav gotten a fair idea on how to do one.)
- Prepare for a photo shoot, post it online & leave a link. :)


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Do It Yourself (DIY), is an attitude kinda thing. Gives you independence & empowerment.

3 things, I DIYed recently:

Fixed my headphone. Being a Sennheiser, I didn’t want to throw it way. Learnt that the internal metal strands are very thin & comes with a resin coating. Just pulling out the vinyl sheath isn’t enough to establish a broken contact. You gotto meticulously scrape the resin to expose the bare wire.

My mobile fell down from the shelf & the display showed up like a mirror image. So all that that you enter would go from right to left with all glyphs having a horizontal flip. I tried several things, like restarting the phone, pulling out the battery etc. Nothing worked. Then I dropped the phone exactly the same way it had fallen, the prev time. Viola! The display is back to normal.

The ironbox is the most essential thing, specially for Bachelors who would do a quick press before running to office. It had gone berserk & would heat only for the 1st time, you power up. The next time it would heat-up is after 30 long minutes. I opened up the outer-cover & pulled out all screws; except one. It got jammed & my screw driver would slip everytime I tried hard. Not knowing what to do after, I placed all the screws back & closed the cover. Now the iron works perfectly fine until today. :)

Something had gone wrong? Don’t giveaway. Try your hands. You can make a difference.

Great resource for DIYers:

ps: Agreed! This post isn’t composed well.

Update #0: My iron stopped to work after I blogged about it! :( Looks like, taking it to a repair shop is also a part of DIY.

When I heard the terms, “Dark energy & Dark matter” first, I thought it to be related to Witchcraft & Black Magic. Nope! It is not. It is from Particle Physics & Space Science.

Here is a video from TED, telling all that you want to know:

I remember, reading in School that some scientists believed that space is filled with ether. I thought that was crap, when it was actually vacuum. Now I realize, ether is nothing but Dark Matter.

This also brings back memories of the days, I hooked to the “மானுடம் வென்றது (Mankind had Won)” program on Radio.

There is lot of space in space & man will find his way into it.

Computer names

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Names hav always been my fascination. Here are the names of PCs, I used:

Sawtooth: While in college, 3 guys pooled in & bought this PC. Inspired with the characteristics of a sawtooth waveform, I named it so. Did lots of work in C, Matlab, Photoshop & Flash with it. It also served as an epicenter of Hostel movie club & gaming centre.

Mr.Fertile: This is a desktop, I bought after starting to work. I donno why, I addressed it to be masculine. Since, the host names cannot hav dots, I settled with Fertile. It is with my bro now. Hope he is making, good use of it.

Strawbee: Its a Dell Inspiron 1520. It has a red front body, so took the Straw part of Strawberry. I wanted it to work & be active like a Bee. So is the name. It gets hot pretty fast, bulky & is ugly looking. The best part of it, is its 1660x1050 screen. I adore it all the time.

The SSID of our home router is Serene. My roomie named it. I guess its cool.

Idea: Planet FLOSS India

  • The more the money a guy spends, the more the money he gets.
  • The sharpest/smartest of the guys, gets to work for the least known company or gets the least known pay-cheque.
  • The best known rogue of your group, gets the prettiest girl amongst all.

You can’t deny quoting some rare exceptions!

Can I ask you a question?

No one can say a sentence like this. Read it again, you’ll realize its absurdness.

The moment someone says this, the permission to ask a question is already used-up. So next time, you wanna ask someone of something, say this:

If you don’t mind, can I ask you 2 questions? One is this & the other is ______.

Kamal Hassan’s take on Marriages:
> All I can say is that marriage is a folly that is slowly becoming > redundant. I have four vaccination marks. In our time, they were a > necessary ordeal. It’s different today. I’m hopeful that one day like > the vaccinations, the institution of marriage too will go away.
> A broken marriage isn’t an offence or crime. Today I am happy, yes, > but my idea of being settled is only inside the coffin. Till then > everything is mobile.

Before you propose something new, you make sure it works; like a working prototype. I wonder if something of such was done for marriages. Probably, people thought no one at Heaven would dare to make a mistake.

Bug Business

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A few realizations:
- A bug ignored now, will remember to trouble you later. - A dirty fix of this day, will vouch for a certain embarrassment on the other day. - A fix in time, saves your 9pm. - 80% of bugs are solvable. While the rest can be concealed.
- Engineering team thrives on bugs. Marketing thrives on fixes.
- A bug with no fix is no more a bug; Its a limitation. - A bug in the fix is a recurring problem, for which there is no fix.

PS: Lets get things going. Btw, thrattle gets a new look & now served with WP v2.5.

Science? No-Signs?

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Q: What’ll be the weight of a Black Hole?
A: It might be “light” as it swallows that too. (Btw, in space its all mass & no weights.)

Q: Isn’t that we gain mass with weights? I overheard my Gym teacher telling this to someone.
A: This is true with a physical trainer but not with a physics teacher.

Q: Masculine is so pretty, grandeur & attractive in the animal kingdom. Among humans its totally opposite. Why is that?
A: Firstly, we don’t want to be like animals. Secondly, we needed reasons to celebrate & honor womanhood with things like International Women’s Day. (I guess you are a guy, so am I.)

Q: If electricity is flow of electrons & if every electron has a mass, when I charge by battery would its weight increase by some infinitesimal amount? Atleast in theory?
A: Going by what you think, looks like all generators would become weak & lean in the course of time. The answer is a no. The electrons in your battery are separated with the electricity from your mains. And the weight, mass, charge or what ever of the total system remains constant.

Q: Why is that there is no Polar Bear in Antartica?
A: Because by the time they try to cross the Equator, they would be burnt to death. Same applies to Penguins. (Btw, correct the spelling. Its Antarctica!).

The Golden Chariot

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I saw The Darjeeling Limited last week. Its a story about 3 American guys, infact brothers, touring the Himalayan part of India in a train, to re-invent the lost brotherhood & to discover the spiritual part in themselves. The film is filled with subtle wits & great camera angles, like in a 1st person shooter game. Nice watch; never miss it. To start with, read the reviews of the movie & then go ahead. I didn’t do this thou’. So suffered to get the essence of the whole movie.

Pic Courtesy: FoxSearchLight

While watching it, was wondering whether that kinda train really exists. Its a luxury train, with the interiors reminding the Great Rajputs of India & their palaces to be on the rails. Thought that the Americans really faked such a train & fooled their country men. But seems, it isn’t the case.

Karnataka’s Tourism Ministry has launched such a train by name The Golden Chariot. It connects Bangalore & Goa in a duration of 8 days & 7 nights with several stoppies at numerous heritage sites. The men behind the train say that its a ***** hotel without a swimming pool & including a spa. The tour costs about 2500 USD per couple making only the Ritche Riches from the country & abroad to aboard.

Welcome to the New India. :)